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10 Popular Tech Skills You should learn this Year

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Despite living in a digital age, not every founder is a technical one. Business acumen still goes a long way when it comes to building a business, but, in a digital age, it’s extremely valuable for non-technical founders to have technical skills. When you’re up to date on technology, you can help identify growth opportunities for your business, better facilitate operations, save money, and more.

We’ve pulled together some of the best educational resources for non-technical founders to learn important tech skills.

10 Popular Tech Skills You should learn this Year

1. Data Analysis

Your company is collecting information, but what is it really doing it? Within this five-course package, you are going to get up to pace with programs such as Python, Microsoft Power BI, and Excel to perform smarter information evaluation.

Get The 2022 Advanced Data Analyst Bundle for $15 (Reg. $450).

2. iOS Coding

IOS 14 is the latest Apple mobile operating platform, and when your organization is building a program, you owe it to yourself to learn a little something about it. Within this three-course package, you are going to get up to speed with Apple’s proprietary programming language, SwiftUI, and also find out to construct complete programs in iOS 14.

Get The iOS 14 & SwiftUI Bootcamp Bundle for $12.50 (Reg. $600).

3. Android Development

If your organization will construct an Android program, do not you need a hand in it? This broad package includes 46 hours of professional education and six full ebooks on Android development, programming, and troubleshooting. You will have the ability to create a program very quickly.

Get The 2022 Android Development eBook & Video Course Super Bundle for $15 (Reg. $880).

4. UX/UI Design

User experience (UX) and user-friendly (UI) are all to some site or program. Within this package, you will master the basic elements of design, learning everything you want to do to design a user-friendly, engaging website or program.

Get Introduction to UX/UI Design Bundle for $14.99 (Reg. $500).

5. Web Design

Every company nowadays requires a site. Make it yourself following this 14-course primer covering programming principles in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and a whole lot more. You will have the ability to craft the specific website you would like after this practice.

Get The Ultimate 2022 Web Developer & Designer Super Bundle for $17.50 (Reg. $1,886).

6. Python

Python is your first language that lots of developers learn due to its relatively easy syntax and exceptionally scalable, general-purpose character. Within this 41-hour manual, you’re going to get acquainted with Python and find out how to utilize it in machine learning, ethical hacking, game development, and much more.

Get The 2022 Premium Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle for $17.50 (Reg. $2,585).

7. Java

Java is among the world’s top programming languages, used in everything from web development to software technology. Within this extensive bundle, you will find out how to make real applications by mastering Java principles.

Get The 2022 Java Bootcamp Bundle for $18 (Reg. $990).

8. Data Science

Information rules everything in business nowadays, however big your company is. Information science is the area that assesses and interprets information, data, and trends to help attract better business insights. Within this 12-course package, you will find processes like computing, visualization, analysis, and more utilizing industry-leading tools.

Get The 2022 All-in-One Data Scientist Mega Bundle for $20 (Reg. $6,000).

9. Backend Development

A site’s backend is the component that people do not see, where administrators create modifications and process each the data that is coming to the website. Therefore, it ought to be well-built if you are likely to effectively manage your website. Within this 35-hour package, you are going to learn Ruby, Java, Python, and much more — all programming languages which can allow you to construct a searchable backend to your site.

Get The Complete 2022 Superstar Backend Developer Bundle for $20 (Reg. $2,587).

10. Project Management

While not strictly technical on its face, PMP — one of the world’s top project management methodologies — does contain several technical aspects. In this 150-hour bundle, you’ll delve into all things project management, learning the best ways to complete projects on time and under budget. Beyond PMP, you’ll also dive into Agile, Scrum, CAPM, and more.

Get The Complete 2022 PMP Training Bundle for $30 (Reg. $999).

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