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10 Best Online Quantum Computing courses for 2022

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Quantum computing allows almost all tasks to be completed at much faster speeds and with lower energy consumption. Google, IBM, and other well-respected companies like them, are just a few examples.

Over the years, many companies have made significant investments in quantum computing. The trend suggests that quantum computing will experience rapid growth. It is imperative to take up the right quantum computing classes. Take a look at these top online quantum computing courses for 2022.

10 Best Online Quantum Computing courses

1. Quantum computing – Less formulas – More understanding

This course is designed for beginners and it’s offered by St. Petersburg University. This course covers everything you need to know about quantum mechanics and the origins of the quantum computer’s computational power.

2. How to get started with Quantum Machine Learning

Coursera’s 2 hour-long project-based course “Getting Started with Quantum Machine Learning” will teach you the  and how it can be applied in Python using the Pennylane Library by Xanadu. You will also learn about software libraries and how they can be used for quantum algorithms.

3. Quantum computing theory and programming

Udemy’s comprehensive course on quantum computing “Quantum Computing: Theory to Simulation and Programming” covers a broad range of topics, including quantum physics, programming, programming in Cirq, and the basics of quantum computing.

Vinay Phadnis, a Machine Learning & Quantum Consultant is the instructor. This course is approximately 4.5 hours in length.

4. Quantum computing: Beginners

Quantum computing for beginners is another Quantum computing course. It is intended to be helpful for beginners. This course by Udemy covers everything you need to know about quantum computing, Qubit and Quantum Teleportation, superposition and entanglement. Instructor is Nasrat Ali, a Software Engineer.  The trend suggests that quantum computing will experience rapid growth. While an educational background like an online physics degree is a great foundation. It is imperative to take up the right quantum computing classes.

5. Quantum Internet and Quantum Computers – How Can They Change the World?

This 6-week course in Delft is a must-see. The course is free and open to all. It focuses on the practical applications of the field such as machine learning, chemistry, and more. This course has a unique feature: you don’t need any technical knowledge to start.

6. Understanding Quantum Computers

The course “Understanding Quantum Computers“, offered by Keio University via FutureLearn is a great way to gain hands-on experience in quantum computing. The course is 4 weeks long and supports many features, including subtitles in Japanese and Thai for the videos and articles in Thai and Japanese.

7. Quantum Computing

This course in quantum computing is offered by Saint Petersburg State University. It was taught by Tatiana Yu, Kirill S. Tikhonov and Tatiana Yu.

All the fundamental concepts of quantum mechanics are covered by Golubeva, Vashukevich Eugeny and Ivan Vybornyi. You will also learn how to master quantum mechanics’ mathematical apparatus. This course is free and available on Coursera.

8. Exploring Quantum Physics

If you are in search of an intermediate/advanced quantum computing course, then your search ends here. The 4-week course “Exploring Quantum Physics” at the University of Maryland is all you need.

9. Architecture, Algorithms and Protocols for a Quantum Computer or Quantum Internet

The comprehensive quantum computing developer course, offered by Delft University of Technology via edX will provide you with knowledge about the building blocks of quantum internet.

This course is free and covers topics such as micro-architectures programming languages compilers, quantum internet, its importance, and more.

10. Applied Quantum computing I: Fundamentals

As the title suggests, “Applied Quantum computing I” covers the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics as well as how they can be applied in quantum information processing models.

Purdue University offers a 5-week quantum computing course on edX. A certain amount of money can be used to earn a certificate.

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