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10 Best Data Science Internships in 2022

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Data science This field is a great choice for students with a keen interest in science and technology. Data science is a skill that is becoming increasingly important in today’s data-driven environment. To make the most of the constant flow of real-time information to improve the company’s competitiveness, companies are looking for data scientists.

Data science is crucial to the future of any company due to the influx of raw data in this tech-savvy age. What is the best way for you to get started in data science? You can get lucrative internships in data science at reputed businesses. This is a list of the top 10 data science internships that you can apply for in this month.

1. Machine Learning & Data Science Internship

Machine Learning India

Hyderabad, Telangana


  • Summarizing all the machine learning content that we offer in a consistent way across different fields
  • Learning and developing new models in artificial neural network, convolutional neural network, and blockchain technology involve platforms
  • Work with the team to optimize and manage the models you have built
  • PowerBI analytics and building dashboards
  • AWS and related services:
  • Working on the deployment and configuration of models in server

Skill(s) Required:

Python Data Analytics Django Machine Learning MS SQL Server Data Science Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services (AWS). Natural Language Processing (NLP). Artificial Intelligence Amazon Web Servers (AWS).

2. Data Science Jobs


Hyderabad, Telangana


  • Research on the latest AI/ML developments and their relevance to any industry.

Skill(s), Required

  • Python, MS-Word. SQL, Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning, MS-Excel. R Programming, Data Science. Deep Learning

3. Data Analytics Trainee (Remote).




  • Google Cloud – Perform Foundational Data, ML and AI Tasks
  • BigQuery – Insights from Data
  • BigQuery ML allows you to create ML models
  • Examine Submitted Assignments


  • A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or another related field.
  • A plus is more education, certifications, and other distinctions.
  • A good knowledge of computers is essential, particularly MS Office and analytics software. It may also be necessary to master certain programming languages.
  • Strong problem-solving, organizational, and math skills.

Excellent coding skills.

  • Ability to summarize and explain complex information to others

4. Data Science internship

Satyukt Analytics Private Limited

Bengaluru, Karnataka


  • Deep learning/machine learning models should be developed
  • Do some image pre-processing
  • Find the best algorithms and tools to image classification and use them


  • Who is available to do a full-time (in-office), internship
  • Between 20th January’22 and 24th February’22, who can start an internship?
  • Who is available for 6 Months?
  • People with relevant skills and interests
  • OpenCV, Data Analytics and Image Processing, as well as Data Science

5. Data Science internship/part-time job

Mettler Toledo

Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • Analyze AI cases and create engineering applications for data mining, machine learning and natural language processing
  • Effectively communicate your findings through data visualization and work on AI/ML solution deployment.
    We are working to bridge the gap between deep learning research results and their application in real-world products.
  • Learn about the RPA landscape, and get support for implementation
  • Assistance in virtual bots management to support the automation
  • Support documentation during the entire software development lifecycle
  • Participate in workshops on process optimization and discuss automation design


  • Who is available to do the internship/part-time job?
  • Between 19th January’22 and 23rd February’22, who can start a part-time job/internship?
  • Who is available for 6 Months?
  • People with relevant skills and interests
  • Java, Python and SQL. Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Machine Learning, SQL.

6. Data Science Intern




  • Working on data science algorithms, and AI concepts.
  • Using Python, Tensorflow, Keras for model development.
  • Building or enhancing existing AI models with Python, ML and deep learning algorithms.
  • Large image data processing.


  • B.Tech/ BE/M.Tech degree in computer science with a specialization or equivalent degree
  • In developing AI algorithms, we used Python.
  • Have you developed deep learning or computer vision algorithms?
  • Experience in using AI algorithms, i.e. classification, regression, clustering, etc.
  • Understanding the workings of clouds

7. Data Science Internship

KUKbit Software Lab

Pune, Maharashtra


  • Working on data science algorithms, and AI concepts
  • Web scraping can be done using R or Python
  • Python, machine learning and deep learning algorithms are used to build AI models
  • Processing of unstructured/structured data


  • Who is available to do a full-time (in-office), internship
  • Between 20th January’22 and 24th February’22, who can start an internship?
  • Are you available for 6 months?
  • People with relevant skills and interests
  • Machine Learning and Python

8. Data Science Intern

Ganit Business Solutions Private Limited

Chennai, Tamil Nadu


  • Complex data analysis is done to ensure data quality and reliability. This means that the data can be made to talk by extracting, preparing, or transforming it.
  • Implementing and developing statistical algorithms and techniques to solve business problems and increase the value of an organization.
  • Gathering requirements and sharing findings with stakeholders in the form a meaningful story
  • Predictive modeling is used to build and implement data models


  • Knowledge of R or Python is required, along with strong SQL & MS Excel skills
  • To start the conversation with data, you will need to be able to understand and apply various mathematical models and statistical techniques.
  • You must have a bachelor’s/master’s degree in engineering/tech, an MBA, or M.Sc. In Statistics or Maths

9. Data Science – Intern


Bengaluru, Karnataka


  • Learn about the challenges faced by clients and companies and how AI can be integrated to create solutions
  • Assist cross-functional teams in identifying and prioritizing key areas of partners’ business where AI solutions could be of significant benefit.
  • Analyze and explain AI/machine learning (ML) solutions, while maintaining high ethical standards
  • To understand the needs of customers, collaborate with engineering and product design
  • For data analysis, research and develop innovative statistical models


  • A bachelor’s degree in statistics or applied mathematics or a related discipline is preferred
  • Proficiency in data mining and mathematics as well as statistical analysis
  • Experience in predictive modeling and pattern recognition
  • Excel, PowerPoint and Tableau are all available.
  • Comfort working in a research-oriented, dynamic group with multiple ongoing concurrent projects

10. Vision Insight Mumbai Data Science Internship

Vision Insight

Mumbai, Maharashtra


  • The following are some of the responsibilities that selected interns have to fulfill every day:
  • Data problems specific to the industry
  • Understanding the data distribution
  • Learn about the latest AI models in research papers and then convert them into code.
  • One problem is chosen and you will need to present your findings in a document.

Skills Requirement:

  • Python, machine learning and deep learning

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