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Why Your Business Should Use Storytelling and Explainer Videos

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We are all like children. We have loved storytelling since childhood, and the effect remains till today. We would rather hear or better still watch a story than read it. It works in marketing as well. Telling a creative story is the primary weapon of an effective marketing strategy.

While many businesses are nowadays resorting to storytelling in video content, it is no wonder that the internet is crowded with hundreds of such videos every second. Though no one can deny the rising demand for videos, the competition is tough to attract and engage the audience.

Storytelling in Videos

A better way would be to include storytelling animatedly as it engages the audience more. With animated storytelling, a business will find that the unique marketing style offers customers more than the competition when implemented with an exciting narrative.

Traditional marketing strategy tends to stagnate. If one tries to refresh one’s marketing strategy by introducing one’s brand with an engaging animated video, it will most likely win hearts and increase customer loyalty.

Business owners often face situations when their brands get negative feedback from customers, or their image suffers thanks to unfair manipulations by competition. This perception may be hard to remove unless one comes out with a new get strategy.

Going back to the audience with new explainer videos and storytelling can help iron out the wrinkles in customer relationships and make the brand stronger.

The Dropbox Turnaround

After a few years of operations, a virtual storage start-up company found that the company was no longer acquiring customers as it did earlier.

They had a tough time converting people on their website home page because the audience did not know what they exactly did. They were marketing a product that solved many problems people faced, but unfortunately, they were unaware of it.

So, what did they do? They released an explainer video, a short one that condensed all the massive tech talks into witty, fun, and enjoyable videos.

The video transformed the company with 50 million customers, investors’ fresh fundings, and a $4 billion valuation. Even Steve Jobs was interested in acquiring this company. But that is another story.

In this case, the brand had a great story, but they could not communicate that story to customers and investors till they chose a more innovative and exciting way to reach out.

Today every brand has a website. However, visitors usually rush through the web pages unsure what the company had to offer and whether the product was helpful. Just a few minutes and people leave uninterested.

It probably explains the low attention span of the audience and high bounce rates. A better way to make the audience interested is to show them a story, and the best way is to have an explainer video.

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a short video that introduces the company to the audience, explains what they do, and tells them how they can benefit the customers.

Considering that attention spans are abysmally low among the audience, it is significant to say things that can make the viewers get excited and into the product quickly. Research over the years has shown that 90 seconds or 150-240 words are what one gets to get the message across.

Benefits of explainer videos

  • Increased conversion rates

Video marketing is known to have increased the conversion rate by 80%. For example, Work.com, owned by Salesforce, increased its conversion rate by 20% after adding an explainer video to its home page.

  • Higher ranking on Google

Google is known to rank websites with videos on their first page. People generally prefer video links to text links. The video links are likely to be clicked by 41% more than the text links, and being on Google’s first page, means more people will watch the video and get influenced to buy the product.

  • Videos give the perfect sales pitch 

The worst thing is not knowing how to tell people about one’s brand or product. An explainer video will give the right pitch so that the viewer gets the hang of it immediately.

And having the perfect story about the brand on video and putting it on the website or in email marketing can ensure that the brand is pitching on an auto mode all the time.

  • Easily shareable

Having the perfect explainer video in one’s arsenal, one can easily share it on YouTube and other social media channels. The reach of the videos can be exponential, leading to millions of views. One can also use these videos in conferences and meetings.

  • Better Return on Investment (ROI)

Explainer videos are usually cheaper than conventional videos. Agencies who are experts in Storytelling in explainer videos have many success stories where small spends gave massive returns.

Businesses should avoid posting explainer videos and then just hoping and praying that they succeed. It is better to track them through analytics so that they can measure their performance.

Creating accessible videos for the disabled

  • Captions

One must keep in mind while telling a story in an explainer video is the audience with disabilities. People with hearing impairments who may not be able to listen to the video would find the subtitles on the videos helpful. Another is the sign language option to translate videos that are accommodative.

  • Design

The design of the video content is to calibrate its speed with the caption translations. If the video is too fast, then it becomes difficult to follow. The option to change the animation speed to fast, medium, or slow can help viewers to make adjustments accordingly. Many times, fast videos tend to have a flashing effect on the viewer who is photosensitive.

  • Color

People with color blindness will find it easier to read when the background of the text is clear with contrast. Many video makers give the option to adjust the color of the readers as per their liking.

Final takeaway

The internet will see 80% of its traffic to be videos in the future, and harnessing the power of videos can be a good opportunity.

Explainer videos are used by nearly half of the businesses on the internet on their homepage, and they have got good results. A crisp inspiring short story explaining the company’s product is the most effective way to communicate to the audience.


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