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What Your Office Says About You

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Whether you are an entrepreneur who wants to build a startup from scratch or a manager of a successful business, it is critical to develop certain skills that will showcase your enthusiasm and productivity at all times. To entice potential clients, you will want to develop your brand through well-crafted storytelling techniques and capitalize on engagement between the company and the customers. But besides placing all of your focus on the external perception of your business, you should go back to the basics and see what your office space says about your entrepreneurial character. In other words, what your office says about you.

Modern Office Design Blue WhiteSuccessful entrepreneurs know the importance of organization, but sometimes our desk spaces—either at home or at the office—can reflect other priorities that might not suggest constructive habits. Since we spend a majority of our time working in our offices, the space obviously mirrors elements of our personalities. Is your space impeccably tidy? Is it chaotic, filled with stray papers and half-empty coffee cups?

Everything from the arrangement of your office supplies to your selection of furniture says something about you, and it can, therefore, leave a positive, or negative, impression on visitors to your office. This means that potential clients, associates, and even partners may reconsider your trustworthiness as a hardworking, efficient businessperson based on your office space. Knowing what your office says about you and how you can update its look to reflect solid business practices can help you make gains in entrepreneurship.

There’s No Room to Walk

We have all seen offices that are cluttered beyond capacity. Papers are stacked high on the desk and randomly thrown around the room; overgrown plants are taking up space in the corners; unneeded jackets and sweaters are on the backs of every chair. There are briefcases, printouts, pocket folders, magazines, and messy files on the floor. If this sounds like your office, you might want to tidy up the space so people aren’t scared off from meetings with you.

What does a messy office say about you, your personality and your brand? Even if your office looks chaotic, a psychologist’s study at Space Works suggests that this disarray might not be such a bad thing—rather, it merely means that you are an extrovert. Extroverts can easily get bored or tired without stimulation, leading them to surround themselves with plenty of distractions and extra materials. Being messy makes for a free-spirited workspace, and some of the most creative people in business are known to have disorganized offices.

While the setup may not be appealing to everyone, a messy office can suggest that its worker is, in fact, hardworking and extremely busy. The key here is to make sure the space is always accommodating to visitors: if the mess is causing people to stop and stare, something needs to be changed about the way you tidy up. Your potential clients and associates should never be put off by your clutter, so make sure that you keep the chaos under control.

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Is This Desk In Use?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some offices may be so barren and minimalistic that it can be hard to tell if the space is even occupied. These are the spaces that look like they were taken from a modern interior design magazine in some futuristic office—they are usually made up of few furniture pieces, like a desk and a chair, and have little to no decorations. What does such a minimalistic office say about you? Walking into an office that looks completely empty except for the standard supplies may raise the question whether the worker is simply organized or is bordering on inhuman.

Minimalist Office Balck and White MacBook Notebook PenIf this sounds like your office, you may have taken your attention to organization a little too far. While having an organized office will boost your productivity, individuals with overly minimalistic offices can appear to lack creativity and imagination. The office may also suggest a lack of interest or dedication to the company, as the space does not feel like a home, but looks instead like a temporary setup.

Even if you are a minimalist at heart, you will want to add some décor or functional pieces, like Office National furniture, to the space to make it more welcoming and appealing. If someone steps into your office, you do not want them to feel cold or uncomfortable; having a nice arrangement of personal belongings and outfitting the space with stylish furniture will make clients believe that you are a professional businessperson who is committed to your role.

I Wish This Was My Office!

In between these two extremes is the office that represents the perfect meshing and the middle ground: a suitably decorated space that is balanced and enticing. The third and final category of office styles is the space that is most desirable for successful entrepreneurs. This office space is arranged beautifully and has just the right amount of clutter and organization to both inspire creativity and to develop constructive business habits.

In this type of office space, there will be a spacious desk, plenty of storage units and shelves for easy organization, and comfortable seating arranged in a manner that encourages conversation. There may even be a fresh vase of flowers or plant on a small table, or a collection of leather-bound novels stacked neatly between two clockwork bookends. When people enter this office, they may think to themselves, Wow, I wish this was my office! The space elicits this effect of admiration from visitors, making them want to learn more about you and the way you conduct business based on the atmosphere of your workspace.

Well-balanced and devoted workers oftentimes have these sorts of offices, as they have no problem managing the area when it gets to be too chaotic and affects productivity. Displaying personal belongings or pictures of family members is a way to make the office feel like home, which can even lead to furthered efficiency and motivation. For any entrepreneur, it is important to have an office space that shows you are both hard-working and well-rounded, two traits that are valuable in growing your brand and building trust.

Tips to Transform Your Workspace into the Ideal Office

So now that you know the three main categories of office spaces, you may be thinking that it is time to overhaul your workspace. As mentioned, it is crucial for entrepreneurs to work from an office that will make potential clients, associates, and partners want to do business with you. The spaces in which we work speak volumes about our personalities and work ethics, making it vital to decorate and organize your office based on your business values.

So, how do you make an office that represents you and your personality? What do you want your office to say about you?

Here are two ways that you can redecorate or reimagine your office to reflect successful business ethics:

#1: Illuminate the Space with Proper Lighting

Oftentimes when we think of all of the parts that make up our office, we forget about the importance of lighting. Lighting is usually an afterthought, or it may not even factor into our consideration at all—but it should. Lighting affects our mood and emotions, having an impact on the way we react to the details of our day. Working under extremely bright and harsh lighting can make one’s emotions much more intense, which may not always have a positive outcome in a business setting.

If your office building is outfitted with those hideous florescent torrents, try bringing in your own lamps with softer bulbs. If possible, install individual sconces into the workspace for layered light that can be adjusted depending on the time of day. Soft lighting can ultimately help you work longer and be less tired by the day’s end, and it will make your office look more inviting and warm.

#2: Incorporate a Soothing Color Palette In addition to lighting, color also affects one’s mood and can have a negative influence on your productivity in your workspace.

Design Working Space Laptop PlantWorking in a room that is painted a calm blue or an earthy light brown can make you feel less distracted and more at peace with your surroundings. Any soothing, relaxing color, like a cozy cream or a subtle green, will have a positive effect on your psyche and will make you feel more content while working.

Besides painting the walls, you can also infuse the color palette into your decorations and furniture. Determining which color palette has the best effect on your productivity should then be worked into the entire setting of the office. This way, everything will match and flow together nicely. Devote extra attention to the patterns and graphics in your artwork, upholstery, and personal belongings so that they sync together in an aesthetically pleasing way.

So, What Your Office Says About You and What Should It Say?

For growing or established entrepreneurs, it is crucial to your business that your office reflects the qualities of success and dedication. Steering clear of the space that is either too messy or too organized is a good place to start; eventually, your space should reflect one that is a perfect balance between the two extremes, inviting both collaboration and individual focus. By incorporating comforting lighting and a harmonious color palette, you can transform your office into a space that is worthy of admiration and speaks to the professionalism of your brand.

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