20.01.2024 22:30

What should entrepreneurs do in a crisis?

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How to stay afloat in a severe crisis? How will people's attitudes towards work change? And why are so many of these changes likely irreversible? Let's try to figure it out.

The situation is far from stable, and irritation is growing.

Entire states may cease to exist.

But that's not the worst. This is just a side effect of the transition of our world to a new level. The level of digital civilization. The world is changing.

Everything you earn, you spend on living (food, clothes, study, etc.).

You work 10 hours a day, spend 2-3 hours on the road, an hour for grocery shopping, 2 hours for cooking and eating, 8 hours for sleep. As a result, you have an hour. Your free time is quietly stolen. News is psychotherapy.

When computers appeared, millions of people lost their jobs. And modern technology is putting hundreds of millions of people around the world out of work. And here the problem arises: what to do with the released hundreds of millions of people?

People need to prepare for the fact that soon their profession will most likely become unclaimed, and look for another one that will win the fight.

The middle class will die out because algorithms do 90% of what they do better.

Hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, especially small and medium-sized businesses, have gone bankrupt or are on the verge of survival. Millions of people had to urgently get used to remote work.

People doubt the quality of their happiness. "Am I really as happy as they tell me?" people ask themselves.

What professions will be able to win competition from technology in 10-15 years and why? And what will hundreds of millions of people do, whose professions will become irrelevant?

The coronavirus and the economic crisis have changed the job market around the world: now companies prefer freelancers, and people prefer self-employment.

Previously, there was a stereotype in society that freelancers were students or the unemployed, ready to take on any order.

Time shows that the average age of a freelance performer is growing, if in 2015 it was 18–25 years old (45.5%), then by 2022 45.3% of performers are between the ages of 25 and 34.

The home freelance market is maturing and moving away from the stereotype of student side jobs.

The trend towards “growing up” of performers is growing, and after the end of the crisis, there is reason to believe that we will see people 40+ as the main performers.

Many businesses have completely switched to freelancing and the use of online services before our very eyes.

User confidence in freelancers is growing.

The path to freedom lies through entrepreneurship, because in this case you are in charge of your life, and not someone else.

In a digital world based on blockchain technologies and smart contracts, the possibility of fraud disappears.

In this matter, we have only two ways: to change and start actively applying modern technologies, or to “die”.

At the moment, the whole world is switching to smart contracts - this is a digital wave that leads to a reduction in costs by 20-40%.

To choose your Internet profession and be able to withstand crises and automation, you need to start from what you like to do, what brings you pleasure.

If you choose a profession in which you think you will earn more, but it will not be a buzz for you, then you yourself understand that you will have less desire, inspiration and motivation, and this is precisely the main success factor.

Until recently, education brought obvious advantages: knowledge gave a good job, and a good job made it possible to feed a large family.

Now we see rather the opposite.

At the moment, any smartphone has more power than a NASA computer when they put a man on the moon.

Within a few years, a person will be surrounded by digital assistants who will be ready to fulfill any of our requests.

Many specialties will simply become unnecessary.

But there will always be a need for those who figure out how to make the world a better place, those who create new businesses and engage in entrepreneurship.

Everything that can be digitized will be digitized.

Only entrepreneurs cannot be digitized. Entrepreneurship in the 21st century is the most valuable, or rather priceless product.

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