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Top 7 Best Ideas And Tricks For Your Personal Video Blog

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Are you considering starting a video blog but don’t know what kind of video content you will create? Are you looking for inspirational ideas for your blog? There are 7 video blog ideas to help you choose the right direction, diversify your content, and make your audience satisfied.

Video Blog Ideas and Soft for Video Editing

Today we will share 7 of the most popular topics and ideas for your blog. However, coming up with an idea is not all. You also need to learn how to create immersive and emotional videos and improve your video editing skills.

1. Unboxing

This is a very trending kind of video content – especially if you’re showing electronics unboxing. Users watch with interest the unboxing of smartphones, smartwatches, and other electronics. In a video, you can show the packaging of the product (charger, spare watch strap, instructions, etc.). But do not show the unboxing if the product is inexpensive, technically simple, or does not have additional packaging. For example, hardly anyone will be interested in watching the unboxing of a bowl for a dog or a box of A4 paper.

If you have children, you can show children’s items or toys. New products are constantly appearing in this area, so themes for new videos are provided for you.

2. Review

Product unboxing videos are fascinating but usually not informative – so you can make full reviews on the purchased product or service, talk about their characteristics and share your personal opinion with the viewers. Such honest reviews are valuable content on YouTube; users will be very grateful to you if you describe all the pros and cons of the product and give your verdict – whether it is worth spending money or not.

You can also make reviews on cartoons, films, and TV shows that your target audience is interested in. This format is in no less demand than the previous one, but it is much easier to implement it. Reviews can be done in a separate section.

3. Play Video Games

If you are a fan of video games, why not to share this passion with the whole world? Surprisingly, many people love not only to play on their own but also to watch how others do it. They are interested not only in watching the game but also in getting advice on how to improve their skills.

You can also cover gaming news. The world of video games is very dynamic. Whether it’s a new game or news of a highly anticipated game, there is always something to talk about. In addition to communicating information that people may find elsewhere, be sure to include your reactions to the news. People who follow your vlog are interested in your opinion. Gaming news videos are a great way to develop your vlog covering a topic that is currently trending.

4. Teach

When it comes to technology, many people are not able to figure out on their own how to use this or that device, service, program. And many of them prefer to watch videos than delve into incomprehensible instructions. You can find anything here, from building instructions for furniture from IKEA to learning JavaScript or playing the guitar. And if you consider yourself an expert in some business – share your knowledge and increase your expertise by helping others!

Video instructions can be different. There are such types:

  • Microinstructions. Create videos up to 60 seconds long describing a specific product feature or function. They are for advanced users who want to detail their knowledge of the product.
  • Videos with step-by-step training. The purpose of such videos is to show how to solve a specific problem in a few steps. For example, how to change a wheel with your own hands, how to install a new OS on a computer, etc.
  • Explanatory videos. Shortened versions of long instructions. The purpose of the video is to reveal new information about an already known product. The average duration is 120 seconds.
  • Presentation instructions. They are detailed videos lasting from 15 minutes, the purpose of which is to acquaint the user with a new product.
  • Screencasts. They are instructional videos from the screen for a narrow audience of regular viewers.

There are a lot of video editing programs that can help you create exciting videos—for example, Magisto, Animoto, VSDC, and more.

5. Share your Favorite Recipes

The recipes on the sites we are used to are good but not as interesting and intriguing as the video recipes. Here the viewer cannot forget anything – just have the necessary ingredients on the table and cook together with the author of the vlog, periodically pressing the stop button. Therefore, such videos will always be interesting and useful, especially if you know how to cook something unique – for example, dishes from different cuisines of the world, healthy sweets, or homemade bread. For some, your video can be a real godsend.

What should you pay attention to? The surface you are working on is a very important element. Most often, surfaces stylized as aged wood are used to shoot video recipes. Also, don’t forget to write a script so that you don’t break the sequence or forget about something important in the process. In the script, you should specify the timing, the action that takes place me and the camera angle.

6. Travel Videos

What could be more exciting than traveling? Ancient cities and advanced countries, picturesque coasts, mountains and forests, endless new roads, people and colors. Traveling is a bright kaleidoscope that you just want to capture on camera to preserve your memories! But do not skimp on storing videos in the archive – share your emotions and adventures with your friends and followers. If you manage to grow into a good travel blogger, who knows what other ways will be open for you.

If you are thinking about making money while traveling, aim for video guides. Video guides – are created to inspire and help other travelers. You first need to compose the route yourself and record it in sufficient detail on the video. Advice and clarification can be given on the spot or added after by recording a voiceover commentary. If you need vice versa to know how to remove audio tracks from MKV, it is possible using Movavi Video Editor.

7. Show your Pet

Don’t like showing yourself? Then show your adorable pet! The Internet, and YouTube, in particular, is just crazy about animals: talking parrots and cats, funny dogs, foxes, hedgehogs, owls – people always get excited about them! If you do not have a pet, you can download videos with pets and share them in your blog, adding your comments.

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