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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need to Automate Your Billing Process

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The world is in dire need of automation, so the way we do business also generates the need to automate. In today’s world, machine learning and digital workflows are streamlining business and transactional processes, making them more coherent and taking manual intervention out of the equation so they can focus on more productive areas. We have an automated supply chain, sales, delivery, factory assembly lines, and many more.

You may not be aware of the fact that automated billing is more than just creating invoices with online invoice software. The process begins with assuring the billing system has all billing-related data inputs, often from diversified sources. This activity is called “mediation,” or normalizing the data to prevent revenue leakage.

After mediation, the process stretches to revenue identification, collections, payments, reporting, agreement management, and many more. There is also a need to integrate billing systems with other business processes to promote growth.

As per research conducted by Manifesto Growth Architects, 70% of businesses see subscription models and membership as the future to further commercial growth. Billing automation provides you with the agility to configure new revenue models rather than writing more code. However, many companies have been haphazard in automating financial processes such as billing.

Here Are The Top 10 Reasons To Automate Your Billing Process

1. Eliminate errors and Improve accuracy

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There is always a high risk involved due to human error while processing recurring manual billing. It can also lead to various inaccuracies and mistakes in customer invoices. Apart from its erroneous nature, it is expensive due to long-term costs associated with poor customer satisfaction.

With automation in place, customer subscription or information plans only require entering the system only once. It implies that any time you add a new subscription, an invoice is always produced with detailed information without extra effort and time.

2. Save resources and time

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When your business expands, the process will only get complicated, and it will never be a cakewalk to handle things manually. E.g., with over 1,500 regular recurring customers and numerous packages, invoicing can be time-consuming. You have to look up every customer and determine their subscription plan manually and bill out accordingly.

The process is only getting complicated when customers need to make changes to their plans. You must manually track every new add-on, customer update, and product removal.

Online Invoice Software will indeed save your time spent on sending out invoices and collecting payments repeatedly because these tasks are all automated. With this approach, you have to just ‘set it and forget it,’ and save your billing team several crucial hours per week.

3. Get better insight into subscription metrics

Every company wants to keep track of what’s happening with their business confidentially. For SaaS and other subscription-based companies, accessing pertinent reports and metrics is a critical element of keeping an eye on the business’s health.

Through an online invoice generator, you will gain essential business insights that will allow you to estimate future revenues. Based on the reports, you can quickly figure out what’s working and what isn’t, allowing you to make wise and strategic decisions required for the substantial growth of your business.

4. Understand key reporting pillars

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The reporting function of online invoice software will allow you to focus on the following key reporting pillars-

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR): This allows you to track the growth and performance of your business by monitoring the monthly revenue generated from all your active subscriptions.

Cash: The reporting function will give you a comprehensive look at the data to know where exactly payments are coming from and how your customers are paying for their services.

Sales: Online invoice software keeps track of your sales, so whenever there are any payment issues due to lack of funds or expired credit cards, you have a record of what each customer owes your business. Such analytics will give you a perfect survey of your business.

Revenue: It is difficult to track income manually and without errors in a subscription business, so an online billing platform handles it automatically to make your job easier.

5. Automated invoicing simplifies payment collection

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Online invoice maker simplifies payment methods by automating the billing and collection process. It also automatically sends out past due notices to the customers who haven’t paid. Through this, you can focus more on the customers who haven’t gone through the payments of their services.

6. Improve customer relationships

An online billing platform will give you essential insight into your customers’ behavior that helps you to identify any risks. When you create an invoice online, it allows you to receive automated notifications through email once payments are accepted. This is yet another great way to build strong customer relationships.

7. Better Security

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We know that for many businesses, a high level of security is a top priority. An online invoice maker gives you an additional advantage by gaining control over who can do what on your billing platform without any unwanted external intervention. It assures the safety of customer data which is a vital aspect of any technology solution.

8. Integration with business technologies

A recurring billing platform enables you to integrate your billing system with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM), accounting, revenue recognition, payment gateways, business management, and many more.

Such integration with other businesses allows anyone in your organization to see what your customers are subscribed to and access to view details of the record, creating more transparency across the organization.

9. Enhance Productivity

When you automate your billing process, it gives you a vast space to identify and focus on other weak areas of your business. Now, your employees will not engage in unnecessary manual work. In this way, you get a scope to convert your weaknesses into strengths, indirectly contributing to the higher productivity of an organization.

10. Take the competitive advantage

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Once you implement the expense tracking tools in your organization, the quick ROI and financial benefits of automation will give you enough power to stay ahead in many areas. If you provide accurate and efficient services where others are still dependent on faulty and outdated methods, you are indeed a clear winner in the competition.


We hope you understand the importance of the automated billing system in the current business scenario, where the risks of using inefficient manual billing processes are enormous. It slows down and holds you back from upgrading your subscription business.

Auto invoicing not only eliminates flaws resulting from manual billing but also streamlines your invoicing process. When you make invoices online, you derive significant marketing insights that you can leverage to help you grow.

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