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Tools to Provide Internet Security

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Internet is a technology that is probably one of its kind, both in its functionality and the status it holds in our current society. Many countries all over the world have now listed the internet as an essential service whose universal access should be mainstreamed so that every citizen is able to connect to this great marvel of technology.

The reason behind such a monumental decision is because of its widespread application in different avenues of life. This was proved during the pandemic, when the internet was used in almost everything, from business, work, and education to even entertainment activities. The inclusion of the internet was geld completely into the world’s infrastructure, and today its roots have become so deeply embedded that one cannot even possibly think of living their lives without an internet connection.

This level of dependence can cause serious risks to our privacy and security, the examples of which we have already seen and witnessed with our own eyes in that famous testimony of Mark Zuckerberg the president of Facebook to Congress, in which he revealed just how much
information a single social media platform like Facebook collects about its users, it is even scary to think about.

Now the dilemma is that the internet is a service which is a must for us and without which our day-to-day tasks won’t be fulfilled, on the hand, there are major security and privacy concerns which are also quite valid. Since we can’t get rid of the internet and we have to manage with the resources that we have, in this situation it is important to get the necessary tools and equipment that can safeguard our privacy and ensure protection on the internet.

An even better option is to go with service providers that offer built-in protection so users don’t need to spend again on buying internet security software. Providers like Cox internet has a built-in security suite powered by MacAfee, one of the largest cybersecurity company that provides all-around protection to users from all cyber threats while using Cox’s services. However, even if your provider doesn’t offer security it is still optimal to pay a bit extra to get these security services as nothing comes above your security, and it’s better to take precautions beforehand instead of waiting for tragedy to strike.

Plus ever since our dependence on the internet increased, it also paved the way for cybercriminals to employ more sophisticated tactics to lure more and more naïve internet users into their trap. According to stats, cybercrime activities were increased by 600% due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and this is an alarming number in itself.

How the Pandemic Increased the Risk of Cybersecurity?

We all know the kind of effect that the pandemic has made on our lives. It essentially prohibited us from any physical movement or interaction and as a result in order to continue the daily workings we had to utilize digital channels. This digital channel came in the form of the internet which took the responsibility for the whole world’s infrastructure, a move that forced everyone to use the internet for different things like business, work, and education. In this new wave of internet users, many were using the internet for the first time.

As for our millennials who were born with the internet in their hands and have used them since their childhood, people like us were already aware of the threats present on the internet and remained cautioned from the dirty tactics that cybercriminals used. However, for these new people that just started using the internet, there was no warning or guidelines. Thus these people became most vulnerable to these threats, and ultimately many fell prey to these cybercrimes. This was the major reason why cybercrime soared through the sky during the pandemic.

Tools to Ensure Online Safety

However, it isn’t too late and people who have faced these cyber threats can use tools and technologies to prevent further attacks. While those who have mostly remained safe from these attacks should also employ these cybersecurity solutions to keep this safeguard intact.


VPN or Virtual Private Network is an exceptional internet security tool as it protects a user’s privacy and anonymity across the web. A VPN masks the actual IP address of the user, an IP address essentially works to identify crucial information about a user on the web, like the device being used and the physical location of the user. The VPN masks this information and creates a dummy IP layer over the actual address so social media companies, hackers, government agencies, and even ISPs are unable to track the user’s movement across the web thus securing their privacy and thwarting any attempt of an information breach.

Internet Security Suite

An internet security suite is a one-stop solution to counter any malicious activity that a user may face on the web. An internet security suite is basically a combination of a firewall and an antivirus. While the firewall monitors every type of internet traffic coming or going from the internet on the user’s device, the antivirus works to either quarantine or remove the viruses or infected files that are present on a user’s device. The firewall also blocks online attacks and attempts of data breaches while also scanning users’ emails for any phishing links, and the antivirus protects the files already present on the system from any damage.

Password Manager

Almost every cyber attack succeeds due to a human error, and a password manager is specifically designed to combat it. Users may inadvertently enter their credentials into malicious pages through trickery or under a façade of a genuine website.

On other hand, many users select weak passwords that can be easily decoded. What a password manager does is that it makes up a strong randomly generated password for each website or user’s account and enlists double protection of a pin or digital key. The user only needs to enter the digital key and the password manager automatically enters the relevant password in that specific account or website.

Many password managers also have the capability to distinguish malicious websites and warn users not to put their credentials in them. So in a way, a password manager makes a user’s life easier by allowing them to just remember one single pin instead of all the separate passwords of every different account while also making up strong passwords that are quite difficult to break and decode.


With an increase in internet usage each passing day, the risk of cybercrimes is also mounting up. These attacks have become more frequent and severe ever since the pandemic which is why it is recommended to use the above-mentioned tools to ensure your protection and safety in this dangerous cyberworld.

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