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Things To Do in Goa During Monsoon

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Monsoons can be a real snag when touring across your favorite destinations like Goa. But what if we told you that you could still do multiple activities in Goa without letting the monsoons bother you? Wondering how that could be possible. Well, read on to know more and book your homestay in Goa near beach accordingly.

1. Bungee Jumping, Goa

Bungee Jumping in Goa is always a fantastic experience, especially with friends. It almost gives you the feeling of being a bird with wings to fly for a moment. Undoubtedly, that part is the best feeling. Since professional trainers will administer the activity, you need not be worried about any hazards. You can book your villas in Goa near beach and get going immediately.  

2. Scuba Diving in Malvan 

The magic not only lurks on the surface of Goa but also in its underwaters. Come to explore the enchanting underwater world of Malvan in this thrilling 10-minute Scuba diving experience. You can also enjoy other water sports here that hail from Banana rides and water scooters to Parasailing. You can pick your homestay in Goa near the beach accordingly to enjoy this experience on time. 

3. Splashdown Water Park 

One of the most exciting things about Goa is the waterpark in it. This waterpark is always thronged with excited people who love adventure and thrill. If you are also one of them, don’t miss out on the multitude of water rides you can enjoy in this park. There is also Aqua dance and a superb DJ to make you put on your best shoes and dance the stress away. Rides like Tornado, Fume Zoom, and Boomerang make it even more worthwhile. 

4. River Cruise 

Goa also features the most incredible river cruises out there. The beaches, the nightlife, the food, and the music that you can enjoy during the river cruise are sure to make you come back for more every time. After you have booked your villas in Goa for your stay, make sure you also plan on going for this excellent river cruise with family and friends. There is fun all along the way! 

5. Monsoon Festivals 

Did you know that Goa also boasts its own Monsoon festivals? Yes, it is crowded with the best people, positive vibes, and a colorful ambiance. The streets look like the whole city is celebrating a carnival, and the fun is endless. The Sao Joao Fest in Siolim is the best festival of them all, though. So, the next time you are planning to make a visit to Goa, do not forget to revel in this festival.

Winding Up!

Goa is a fantastic fusion of class, comfort, and style. It has everything one can possibly desire. The nightlife is unmissable, the food is lip-smacking, and the beaches are worth the wait. So, take a trip to Goa as soon as possible, even if it takes to get there during Monsoons. Now you know you won’t have to wait for it all out!

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