17.06.2024 13:18

The #QUASA app is now available on 1/6 of the Earth

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Weekly Update from QUASA: Improvements and New Features

We're excited to share our development team's latest efforts to make the #QUASA mobile app more accessible to crypto freelancers and clients around the world. We have added the QUASA app. to the App. store of the largest country in the modern world.

The Quasa Connect app. is now available for residents of Russia.

In addition to Russia, this application store is also used by residents of nearby countries:

  • Belarus
  • Kazakhstan
  • Georgia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Armenia
  • Uzbekistan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Tajikistan

Thus, we can say that the Quasa Connect application has now become accessible to almost 1/6 of the Earth.

Here’s what has been accomplished this week across various areas:


  • Bug Fixes for Authorization: We fixed issues to ensure users can log in seamlessly.
  • Localization Cleanup in Localazy: We streamlined localizations to improve user experience in different languages.
  • Position List Update: Updated position data to ensure information accuracy.
  • Category Bug Fixes: Addressed errors in category functionality to enhance reliability.
  • Dependency Updates and Build Fixes for Environments: Updated libraries and fixed builds to ensure the application runs stably in different environments.
  • Metric Event Additions: Implemented events to track key metrics and improve analytics.

We are continuously working to improve our product and hope that these changes make using QUASA even more convenient and efficient.

Thank you for staying with us! Stay tuned for our updates and new features. We always welcome your feedback and suggestions!