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The Most Benefits Of PWAs For The Fintech Industry

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Progressive Web Apps combine the best of mobile apps and web content to create apps that run on browsers. They also maintain a single codebase, ensuring a high-quality user experience. Progressive web apps have been a success since their inception, particularly with our growing dependence on the internet.

They are increasingly important and versatile for various industries. Semi-app, semi website technology, and progressive web apps are commonly referred to. However, they have had a significant impact on many industries. However, there is still a lot of interest in their applications in banking and FinTech. When it comes to improving user experience, process acceleration (especially for mobile apps) or automation is a key component. Fintech falls within this category.

Here are some key benefits of PWAs in this sector, in case you’re wondering:

Management of Accounts

The struggle of the banking industry to integrate digital technology and the eventual rise of FinTech can be attributed to the need to have easy access to financial information and banking services, such as checking balances, managing credit cards, and tracking transaction history.

It is clear that progressive web apps are easily accessed to facilitate seamless account management. The provision of services like digital wallets, ATM/branch locators, and others can enhance customers’ account management experience.

Customer Support

High-quality customer service is an essential part of any business’ efforts to provide excellent customer experiences. Progressive web apps, which are available for FinTech businesses, can also help with this. How? PWAs allow for the integration of innovative features and services like AI-powered chatbots that can provide round-the-clock support or professional consultations, etc.

Secure Payments

Online payments have become an integral part of modern life, as are FinTech apps. While online payments are convenient, there are many legitimate concerns about their security. Progressive web apps can address these concerns. Through functionalities and features like QR code-based transactions and payments, fraud alerts that are based on customer behavior and transaction history, as well as other relevant data, PWAs provide top-quality security for online payments.

Payments for Bills

Bill payments remain one of the most important daily tasks for many people. It makes sense that FinTech companies will seek to maximize the vast potential of this market. 

Progressive web apps can help them achieve that goal by allowing their users to schedule and make bill payments online, without ever having to visit offices or ATMs. FinTech apps can use PWAs for recurring bill payments based on previously stored information and a password-protected authentication process.

Progressive web apps are a relatively new technology, particularly when compared with other technologies on the market. However, it does not diminish the fact that they are a cutting-edge technology that allows companies to develop top-quality solutions across a broad range of industries including banking and FinTech.

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