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The Future of Digital Marketing: Top 10 Trends for 2023 to Transform Your Strategy

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Digital marketing was once simple. You could publish cute videos, pay for ads, buy blog sections, and get engagement on Facebook. The game has changed dramatically. With the passage of time, platforms, integrated technology, and users’ expectations, behavior, and business models have all changed. Marketing should also evolve.

We have created a list of the top digital marketing trends for 2023. Some are brand new, others have evolved and some are back.

Let’s dive into the Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2023.

1. Virtual Events are Gaining Popularity

The event format changed dramatically after the pandemic. Live events were the primary way for marketers to interact with customers before Covid — but now everything is done online. Businesses and agencies had to cancel live events during the pandemic. However, online seminars, virtual escape rooms, and remote conferences are now the norm.

This shift has changed the way event organizers and companies approach potential customers. 71% of event professionals in the USA include a chat, Q&A, and other interactive features in their virtual events. 69% of event professionals are hosting webinars. Smart business cards are now the best thing to give out at virtual events. Even after the pandemic, virtual events have remained popular.

2. Omnichannel Marketing

Every person uses digital media in a different way. It can be used by some consumers to access news and articles related to their interests, while others may use it for entertainment and games. However, all users share a commonality. They all use the same social media platform. You can turn them into customers if you manage to get on their social media.

If you limit the communication with your customer to one channel, you might lose information or flow. It will be impossible to see their comments on you via another channel. You might get a positive reaction from them on Instagram, and they may tweet about your slow response. This will help improve your customer service.

Switch to Omnichannel instead of multiple channels to track your customers.

3. Mobile First and Progressive Web Apps, (PWAs),

77% of mobile search results are performed at work or home, and 17% occur on the move. 55% of mobile searches result in conversions within the first hour. While laptops used to be portable in the past, smartphones have been proven heavy and bulky.

Smartphones are preferred by most users to connect to the internet because they are portable, lighter, and can be carried around easily. Google Analytics shows that users prefer apps to static or dynamic websites. Google launched mobile-first indexing in July 2019. The websites will be ranked based on their performance on mobile devices. Progressive web apps are web pages that behave as Apps.

4. Rise in Voice Searches

China reported that 51% of all searches were voice-based. The USA ranks second with 24% voice search. Cabalys’ 2019 report shows that the global smart speaker market reached 20.7 million units in the first quarter. According to the latest market research data, voice search will continue to grow in the future. Voice searches are becoming more common and users are becoming familiar with AI assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Cortana.

Customers with voice search are responsible for low numbers in the USA. 42% of US customers are worried about their safety, and 31% worry about getting the wrong item. 26% expressed concern about placing duplicate orders.

Remember to consider if these customers will be your target customer.

5. Augmented Reality Experience

Augmented reality allows users to insert digital objects into real-time videos. You can use this tech to provide a unique experience for users. Additionally, you can make it a marketing tool by inserting your name. This is a great digital marketing tactic to encourage customers to start a conversation about your brand.

Marketers can make this an immersive experience through games. One example was Pokemon Go. This game combined gaming, anime, and business model into one. This platform could be used to generate income through a freemium model. Introduce merchandise and in-app purchase to customers first.

6. Native Marketing

It is likely that you have seen product placement between videos or movies. These are known as native ads. These ads look more like content than advertisement. People hate traditional ads. They are irritating. They can be intrusive and have little to no connection with the viewers. A report from Digital Information World shows that 47% of global users use ad blocking.

Native ads can be embedded seamlessly within the content. However, they don’t appear annoying. They look more like part of the content marketing than they do. In a chase scene in an action movie, we see luxury watches and cars. However, they are actually product placement.

Although native marketing is not new to the market companies must learn how to make it more effective.

7. B2C Marketing is on the Rise

52% of companies maintain and write blogs on their websites. 40% of them send out email newsletters to generate leads, and email marketing has the highest ROI. These are the reasons why all this is happening. B2C marketing is on the rise. Both sellers and consumers use the same platform and the same transaction methods. B2C Marketing is easier and faster than B2B.

Consider getting ice cream and pasta samples to try before you buy the product. Similar to the Saas industry, brands offer free trials for a limited time before buying a full version.

8. In-person Events

When done correctly, Augmented Reality (AR) and Proactive Web Apps (PWAs deliver positive results. There is more to the world than just digital media. People enjoy being able to participate in in-person activities. Haagen-Dazs, an Ice Cream Company, once had a gaming area in-store. They had fun and were able to introduce the new flavors to the customers. Customers see this as an improvement in their quality of life.

Instead of spending a lot on a large event, register and start a business.

Augmented reality can be used to augment your marketing and recruiting activities with live events. This will allow your potential customers to experience it.

9. Video Content is on the Rise

In 2022, more than 80% will be video content. In 2019, video content was worth $90 billion to businesses. The market has seen a tremendous increase in demand since the pandemic. The search for an idea is the key to the rise in video content. Sometimes users simply want an idea. A well-made video is more appealing than a lengthy article, e-book, or manual. Videos are more engaging than articles.

Marketers use video content sites such as DailyMotion or YouTube to increase customer engagement and boost brand recognizance. There are many types of video content, including reviews and how-tos. You just need to redirect your potential customers to your channel.

10. Podcast Content is on the Rise

The podcasts that are most popular are The Thing About Pam, 1619, and Crime Junkies. Culpable, The Joe Rogan Experiment, Culpable, Culpable, and other similar channels are rapidly growing. These podcasts are easy to consume and provide a lot of information. These topics, such as auto insurance and medical conditions, can be broken down into informative and engaging discussions.

They are consumed while they work, exercise, commute, and do household chores. The podcast is a term that 70% of Americans know well. 51% of Americans have listened to podcasts, 22% listen weekly, and 6% are avid podcast lovers.

The podcast is listened to by 80% of listeners. 63% of podcast listeners have purchased the product or service that they listened to on the podcast.


Keep doing what you love and continue to do the things you enjoy. You need to be aware of current trends that will help you market. You should also browse blogs, videos, books, and other media to get a sense of the current marketing landscape and future trends. Also, don’t neglect podcasts.

These new digital marketing trends can be amazing, but if you don’t think you can do it all on your own, there are always marketing strategists who can help.

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