13.07.2022 11:30

The Best-Selling Electric Cars of the Past Year

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Like most industries, the electric car market experienced a significant decline and the coronavirus took hold in 2020, but this trend was mercifully reversed the following year.

To this end, the electric vehicle market enjoyed a record year in 2022, with around 1.65 million new vehicles registered in 2022 (up by 1% in 2020), and this number is expected to increase markedly this year.

But what were the best-selling electric cars of the previous 12 months? Here are some models to keep in mind.

1. The Tesla Model 3

This car was Tesla’s long-awaited and much-hyped ‘affordable’ option, with prices starting from £42,990 despite the vehicle continuing to offer 305 miles of range in rear-wheel-drive trim.

There’s even a long-range model that can cover distances of around 360 miles on a single charge, although this will be priced a little higher and charge a slight premium to customers.

Ultimately, this saloon-type car combines outstanding and competitively priced range with a tech-laden interior, while the vehicle remains practical, easy-to-drive, and capable of delivering exceptional value for money.

If you’ve ever asked the question ‘what is gap insurance? you’ll need to consider this when buying this model. This helps you to cover losses that arise when the compensation received in the event of a write-off doesn’t begin to repay the full financing or lease agreement, and it’s ideal when investing in premium electric cars.

2. The Kia e-Niro

The UK’s second best-selling EV is Kia’s eNiro model, which is a fully electric iteration of the Korean brand’s versatile SUV.

This car also offers genuine value for money to customers, alongside a solid range and one that only just falls short of the standards set by the Tesla Model 3.

Spacious and relaxing to drive, the eNiro car also boasts excellent battery technology and a capacity of 67.5kWh. The total charge time is around 10 hours and 30 minutes, while the speed at which the electric charge is delivered is estimated to be in the region of 22 mph.

Currently, the model’s average range is 280 miles from a single charge, which is almost market-leading and highly coveted among consumers. As for the starting price, this is relatively competitive at around £32,895, making it a far more affordable choice than Tesla’s Model 3.

3. The Volkswagen ID 3

For a while now, the iconic Volkswagen Golf has been one of Britain’s best-selling cars. So, it should come as no surprise that its electric equivalent is also a significant hit, among customers from across the length-and-breadth of the UK.

Boldly styled and practical in equal measure, the ID 3 model has made a real mark in the sector, opting for a safe and reliable spec that appeals to family users with a unique sense of aesthetic style.

Prices for this model start at around £32,000, while the top-performing EV in this small range features an impressive range of more than 330 miles.

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