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QUASA — The Easy, Reliable Way to Take Care of Yourself

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Quasa Connect is an easy way to find contractors for work and services.

Quasa Connect is it fast.
Creating a task takes no more than 5 minutes. Performers who are ready to help you will immediately offer their services.

Quasa Connect appQuasa Connect is profitable.
You determine the price of the task yourself. We have no intermediaries, so the services of performers are 30-40% cheaper than the services of service companies.

Quasa Connect is it reliable.
In the profile you see only real reviews and ratings of each artist.

Quasa Connect is convenient.
Now you will always have a personal assistant in your pocket, which will allow you to quickly solve any problems, wherever you are.

Do you need to find a contractor?

  • Complete a simple registration or log in to your previously created account;
  • Post the task, writing what you need and when;
  • Collect offers from Contractors and choose the optimal conditions;
  • After choosing, you can call the Contractor for a detailed discussion of the task.

Do you want to provide services and receive new orders?

  • Create a profile in those categories for which you want to receive prompt notifications about new applications;
  • View tasks and offer your price for the work;
  • After choosing your proposal, you can call the Customer to discuss the task in detail.

Let us free you from worries

Quasa Connect is a community of responsible and active people whose professionalism helps Clients solve everyday problems by performing various household and personal tasks.

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