04.09.2019 14:35

QUASA creates a universal tool that can empower a person.

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Every few years a new product comes out that changes the whole industry.

The advantage of a person is that he can create tools that allow him to expand his capabilities. And this is exactly what we are doing here, we are creating a universal tool that can expand human capabilities.

We developed the concept of a technological breakthrough in the remote work industry, creating a transparent system of interaction between all participants, introducing blockchain into the management of interaction between the customer and the contractor.

QUASA implements a full cycle of work between the customer and the contractor in the functionality of one application, using blockchain technology and smart contracts to eliminate problems of trust, information barriers and legal costs..

QUASA founder Slava Vasipenok says: "With the advent of Uber, prices in all major cities of the world have fallen by at least 25-30%, and we will do the same in remote work."