13.06.2024 10:54

QUA Token Supply Update on CoinGecko

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Hello friends!
QUA (Quasacoin)We are pleased to inform you that CoinGecko has updated its Quasacoin (QUA) financial information.

All information about the total supply and circulation of tokens is displayed on CoinGecko.
The exact market capitalization of QUASA is also shown.

QUA is gaining popularity and rising in the overall ranking of all cryptocurrencies!

The project team is actively working to increase the company's capitalization.
In addition to developing useful and relevant products, such as the world's first mobile app for freelancers with cryptocurrency payments, the past few months have seen significant buybacks of QUA tokens from DEX and CEX exchanges.

This repurchase of QUA tokens from the markets strengthened the position of the first cryptocurrency to pay for remote work and increased its potential.

CoinGecko is the world’s largest independent cryptocurrency data aggregator, tracking 14,000+ crypto assets across 1,000+ exchanges globally. It provides a comprehensive 360-degree view of the market and empowers users with actionable insights.

We would like to say a big thank you to the CoinGecko team, because thanks to the added comprehensive information about the QUASA project, investors have become much better informed about the current state of affairs in QUASA and can make a decision to invest, having all the data necessary for this.

Thanks, see you soon!

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