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MyBib: Reviews, Details, Features

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In this article, we will talk about MyBib’s detailed review and discuss all features, pricing, and alternatives. We hope you will enjoy my writing.

Nowadays, a lot of information is available through various sites on the internet, and it’s impossible to include all the data in your content. So to solve this problem, internet users started citing and adding a bibliography of the websites to their pages. But it was still much more difficult for them to add a citation manually as they needed to find appropriate resources associated with their article. 

If you, as a writer, are not aware of how to cite the data, then you can go through some guides explaining you to cite data in the content properly.

Furthermore, the task of making a bibliography and citation is eased to much extent as there are various tools available for performing such operations.

So, by using these tools, users can automatically find appropriate links for citations and bibliographies, as there are many available to use for such purposes in the market; out of them, MyBib is the one that received tremendous requirements from users.

Here, various details regarding MyBib are given; consider each of them to gain an idea for using it or not.

What is MyBib?

MyBib is a free citation generator tool for chrome that assists users in arranging citations in content. Users just need to upload their content into a tool and enter the number of citations to be made in that, and they get the links applied in a proper format within minimal time.

Moreover, users can apply links of up to 30 different sources by a maximum and 9000+ styles, which includes MLA6 and MLA7 in it.

Also, a tool contains various formats for different categories of institutions, suppose: for several schools, which helps their students get associated with it for receiving links for bibliographies and citations quickly as per their requirements.

Furthermore, MyBib is preferred by various types of users, like professionals, teachers, and students, who often refer to numerous types of resources. If you are one of them, then MyBib is a tool that you must try out.

Now, in the below section, there are various features of MyBib listed that differentiate it from other tools used for creating bibliographies and citations.

Which Features of MyBib Help Users to Make Citations and Bibliographies Conveniently?

As you already know that it’s a free tool to generate citations and make bibliographies. You can take advantage of its specific attributes for placing the links in your content efficiently. In addition, by utilizing MyBib, you can also access its flagship features for free, which other tools charge for using their premium attributes. Those specifications are described below:

Auto Citing

For using MyBib, you just need to enter a bit of data to make a perfect citation in your content, which includes the web address, ISBN of a book, DOI of some websites, titles, and names of authors. Thus, by entering such information, users automatically receive valuable links of leads for citing them in their content.

Work Download

The citation or bibliography you have created for your content can be downloaded on your device or can directly be imported into google docs and in several other tools such as EndNote, EasyBib, Sciwheel, etc. 

Free Styles

Generally, MLA style is utilized for the citation of links by most users. But, if you want to use other styles, then MyBib offers you 9000+ patterns to access free of cost for your content that might assist you in making citations properly.

Ad Free Tool

Advertisements sometimes seem like predicament obstacles to skip on. So, apart from using other citation tools, you can perform your task smoothly without any hurdles and accomplish it rapidly, as MyBib provides an ad-free experience to its users. Therefore, by utilizing MyBib, users need to face fewer distractions and can set links faster in contrast to the total activity of users on other tools. 

So by going through the above-stated premium specifications of MyBib, as a writer, you might have gained an idea that MyBib is the must-prefer tool for you. But, you should also know several advantages of using it described in the next section.

Benefits of MyBib to Users

Before initiating the utilization of such tools for creating citations and bibliographies, you should know the certain perks of using them. Here are some benefits of utilizing MyBib are mentioned below that might prove to be helpful for you.

Provides Access to Every Feature for Free

MyBib is a free citation tool for users, which doesn’t mean that it must be charging some amount from them for allowing access to its premium features. Hence, it’s a huge plus for users using this tool or planning to utilize it.

No Distractions to Users

MyBib provides an ad-free experience to users, which is discussed earlier in a previous section of this post.

They don’t need to wait for an advertisement to end or pay any charges for avoiding it; in fact, they gain the advantage of performing a citation task without any hurdles, as the tool is ad-free by default. 

Besides this, facing numerous advertisements while accomplishing a work leads to lesser and poor outcomes, so through MyBib, all these hassles are greatly cut-off for its registered members, which allows them to gain fruitful results. 

Plagiarism Can Be Avoided

Now, the biggest concern while placing a link in any content for users is plagiarism. But, they aren’t required to worry much as MyBib makes the citation in such a manner that every time the URL is placed on a unique word and plag is checked within a tool, which reduces its possibility of occurrence to a considerable level.

Time Saver

There are no ads allowed to peep into the tool, and the frequency of plag occurrences is cut off to a significant level. So, you can generate citations or bibliographies for your content within a minimum duration, which proves MyBib is a time saver for you compared to other tools available in the market.

After gathering almost every piece of information about MyBib, you also need to know whether there are any other tools like MyBib available or not. So, it doesn’t become mandatory for you to select this tool when you get several options for choosing.

Some Other Citation Tools to Look Like MyBib

Now, if you are looking for some variety in citation tools for choosing them as per your requirements, then below are some of them mentioned, which would provide you with several alternatives.


EasyBib is a tool that allows its users to create bibliographies along with accessing numerous attributes, which helps them to boost their processing speed for writing research papers.

Furthermore, the skills of researchers can be enhanced to a great extent, as it has professionals who check concepts, main body, and closure like topics. Also, a tool is geared-up with grammar improvement algorithms that highlight an error from an entire content.


For writers finding a suitable app to cite links in their content other than MyBib, then Paperpile seems to be the perfect choice for them. Using this tool, you can search from across a wide range of databases, that includes PubMed, Google Scholar, and many others, without leaving it.

Moreover, a tool integrates data from various resources and provides you with the most accurate leads according to your content. Alongside this, it also permits you to do in-text citations from one or multiple references.


Sciwheel is the one that can be preferred for use in place of MyBib. It is because you can make a decent bibliography from this tool, as it provides you with 7000+ styles and also allows you, as a writer, to search for many databases within Microsoft Word and Google Documents directly.


Zotero is one of the leading software which proves to be the prominent option of MyBib for users. Similar to its competitor, it permits users to make references and bibliographies in Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, and Google Docs by utilizing 9000+ formats of citations. In addition, it also allows you, as an author, to add bibliographies and share some data with students.


JabRef is an open-source reference and citation tool which is compatible with various technologies, so you can download and utilize it from numerous devices. Furthermore, users can differentiate the content by tags, keywords, search phrases, and according to their personalized assignments. In addition, you, as a writer, receive a support of 15+ reference styles in the import options of this software.

Parting Lines:

Thus, if you are a writer or any professional who is constantly required to do citations and prepare bibliographies in the content, then MyBib would be the best pick for you, as it allows you to apply 9000+ formats for citations from 30 resources.

Also, there are many other premium features and benefits of MyBib stated here, which proves it the best tool for applying links in your content. So, if you are convinced to utilize MyBib for your daily tasks, you can by completing its registration procedure and take advantage of no-cost access to its attributes.

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