19.05.2023 15:30

Managers Must Learn Skills That Can’t Be Replaced

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Let’s face the reality regarding the existing managers of this corporate world. COVID-19 pandemic has forced the companies to shift their working mode completely online and achieve their targets. This is a situation where managers have to take complete control of the team and prove their management skills. More than anyone else, its project managers and business leaders who have to ensure that the employees are not facing any major issues while working remotely and the functioning of the organization stays smooth, even if not par with the performance before the pandemic.

Uncertainties in Market

COVID-19 has brought many uncertainties in the current marketplace and businesses are yet to cope with the ongoing situation. That said, the most in-demand skill that is expected from managers of the corporate world is dealing with uncertainties. While managers are tested on a wide range of skills generally, the ability to withstand uncertain times haven’t been of more prominence until now. The present scenario where employees are managing with pay cuts, balancing their work and personal life, and have the fear of being laid off, the responsibility of project managers to boost the morale of their team members increases. Despite facing many issues, skilled project managers are bringing up new ideas and trying out different ways that keep the employees going.

Learn New Skills

What makes a project manager highly skilled? Many of the companies believe that a project manager is highly capable if he has achieved a Project Management Professional or PMP certification. A gold standard in the field of project management, PMP certification ensures that a candidate actually knows what it takes to be a skilled project manager. Such professionals are thoroughly tested on different project management skills, including the steps to take when there are unprecedented situations in an ongoing project. 

Learn Algorithmic Methods

Project managers who are not PMP certified tend to follow algorithmic learning, a kind of learning process that has predetermined answers to predetermined questions. This approach hinders the creative skills of project managers and they are not able to think out of the box during unforeseeable situations. The Project Management Institute (PMI), that offers this world-renowned PMP credential, has long back realized the importance of higher-order skills and thus focuses more on testing an individual’s performance in conflict management, leadership, strategic thinking, crisis management, understanding of technological disruption, and dynamic decision making. 

Follow the Tech Advancement

Such skills of a project manager are irreplaceable – the importance of these skills would not be reduced with the ongoing technological advancements. Today when artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and blockchain technology along with growing automation are being seen as a threat to many kinds of manual jobs, professionals in the technical field need to keep upskilling themselves to stay afloat in the job market. On the other hand, the skills of project managers mentioned above would always be required, even to handle AI-powered projects. 

Final Words

So time is ripe to explore more about the PMP certification if you are seeking managerial roles. You may not get such an opportunity to work from home again and include some learning in your daily routine. PMP certification, no doubt, needs dedicated study hours for around three to six months, but your efforts will surely pay off. There are PMP certification holders across the world who are achieving high salaries, better satisfaction at work, and good career growth than their non-certified peers. You can become one such professional if you are determined to add a PMP certification to your array of skills. 

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