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How You can Change your Business Paradigm with Salesforce?

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The pandemic has compelled people across the world to accept the work from home style as the new normal.

To make sure that your business is flexible enough to stay successful in this continuously changing scenario, you need to leverage the cloud-based technologies to help their employees get the access of the information generated through multiple devices.

The companies that stayed ahead of the curve do not have much to worry about. Their only concern is how they would be able to measure the productivity levels of the employees.

Compared to these companies, some others are in much worse condition. They are still asking themselves about the measures that should be taken to secure the financial information of their company, or how they can improve their sales performance if they do not have the real-time insight into the operations.

From the above information, it is easy to understand the key challenges that the companies are facing is associated with the disconnection between the data sharing and the dispensing system.

With its accessibility to critical information, better account planning and innovative methods of streamlining the work, Salesforce can solve the problems of the companies quite easily.

You just need to integrate the system to your business to witness the overwhelming change that it can bring. But before that, you need to know some essential information about Salesforce CRM integration. Take a look at the following section of this article to know more about this issue.

Knowing the Purpose of the Integration

Before even taking any steps toward the integration, you need to understand the purpose of it. This will help you to gain further insight into the requirements.

Check the capabilities of different accounting tools available in the market that can serve your purpose. If you are already using an accounting tool for your business, then make sure to check its compatibility with Salesforce before making any decision.

Avoid Bad Data

There is no doubt that big data is absolutely necessary for your business. However, you have to understand that all the data that you collect are not useful. Before thinking about integration, check your data to make sure no bad data are hiding in your system.

If you do not do this, the bad data can hinder the purpose of the Salesforce integration, which can lead to unwanted output.

You can solve this problem by labeling your data according to the requirement of the accounting tool, which you will be integrating with the PDF Butler App of Salesforce.

Organizing Different Data Structure

The data structure you chose for integration might be different than that of the salesforce. More often than not, salesforce keeps information about several customers under a single account. However, most of the accounting tools use a single account to store information about a single customer.

That’s why it is necessary for you to check the data structure before syncing and integrating the data with salesforce.

Decide Between The Custom Objects and Static Scheme

When you are dealing with dynamic data, you can easily leverage the custom objects by using different labels of the Salesforce. Saying that, the static schema can easily be used for predefined fields and objects.

There is no doubt that the custom objects can allow you to handle the complex workflow, but it is the static scheme which is a more financially viable option.

Advantages of Salesforce and Accounting ERP

Provide Unified Access

Most of the employees of a company are not habituated to use more than one system for completing a single job. While your marketing team might be efficient in Salesforce, your financial planning team might be more comfortable using the accounting ERP.

Integrating Salesforce with the accounting system will help the employees to process the relevant data in their favorite system.

Better Communication

The integration between the accounting system and the Salesforcewill enhance the communication between two teams of your business.

For example, your sales team can access the data stored in the accounting ERP system when and if they need it.

This does not only make the communication process smoother, but it also makes your business process faster and enhances the chances of booking more profits.

Deliver More Data

Since all the data shared through different integrated systems with the Salesforce is reflected in the ERP system, it offers the employees a chance to use them in briefings and while making assessments.

As a result, you get to have more in-depth and appropriate information about your customer. By integrating your ER with the Salesforce, you will be able to deliver more acute data to your employees.

It will also help your employees to make more rational information and enable them to identify all the actions that they need to take promptly.

Integrating the PDF Butler App of Salesforce with the accounting ERP system helps you to access critical information.

It reduces the events of information bottlenecks and makes sure that insights-driven decision making and efficient flow of information that helps you to achieve the desired business goals in no time.

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