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How Site Security Impacts SEO

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Every Internet user checks a thousand websites during each session. The website is like a page from a book that contains a lot of information. Each Brand creates its web page as a separate website or a page in the social networks.

Social networks limit the content and functions of such pages, but a website has more options to develop your business.

Website can be used for:

  • Presenting information regarding your Brand
  • Launching advertisement campaign
  • Communication platform with your target auditory and Customers
  • Creation of image of your Brand
  • Internet shop.

No matter what the primary purpose of your website is, it is always necessary to create a product that can produce maximum profit for you. A professional web designer can create the website, create it on your own with available construction tools, or finally buy it on the market of ready websites.

Typically, a good-catching website will cost some money. So, this is important how to make your website visible to the maximum number of Internet users to return your investments.

Website audit

After creating a website, you put their content, create new pages, chapters, advertisement banners, services, and many more. You expect that number of readers and users of your website will significantly increase the more information your put on the website, but sometimes it is not like that.

What is going on? To answer this question and understand what needs to be changed and developed for a more popular product, you can make a website audit.

website audit can be different types:

  • Website usability

This type helps to understand website weak points in design, content, coding. It helps to increase the conversion of readers to your customers.

During this audit, it will be checked how your website is displayed in different web browsers. It is also the essential type of used fonts, colors, a quantity of animation, everything that can influence website reception.

  • SEO audit

This type allows checking how your website is mentioned in search engines. This audit can be off-page and on-page. Their main idea is that on-page is checking how keywords are used on your website, off-page is checking how external resources are mentioning your website.

During an SEO audit, you can also check the quality of your website visitors. Nowadays, there are many bots, and if you receive their attention (that may cause website block), it is necessary to use an anti-fraud system.

  • Technical audit 

Many technical features impact users’ experience that is being checked during this audit: time of website response, a search of broken links and images, mistakes in texts, check of metatags, how customer’s basket is working, and many others.

  • Marketing audit

During this type of analysis, your competitors are being checked. In addition, proposals for Internet promotion are provided as a result of this audit.

An audit can be made by yourself with numerous available tools to check technical parameters, links, domains, and competitors; most of the programs are not free. Meanwhile, in some cases, it is easier to order an audit from a professional SEO team.

But before making any audits, it is essential to check your website safety to ensure that hackers or viruses will not attack your intellectual property or your customers.

Website safety

Website safety consists of several aspects: regular update of installed software, proper creation of all links, authentication process of the site administrator or site users, possibility to download files by website readers, regular antivirus check.

The first step of every website safety is a type of used protocol. The main protocols are HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, POP3, TELNET, SMTP. Although, nevertheless, there are many listed, most of all are used only HTTP and HTTPS.

HTTPS is more secure than HTTP. HTTP is a suitable protocol, but it does not encrypt the data, so all transferring data, including bank accounts and passports, have easy access.

HTTPS is a safe connection between browser and site resource; it prevents loss of data and access to the content of hackers. It is based on the exchange of encryption keys before the web resource responds to the browser request it checks provided SSL certificate.

Then, the website in Certification Center will check the SSL certificate. Such a procedure for a website with HTTPS is standard and occurs every session. Starting from 2018 year, Google automatically considers all HTTP web resources unsafe.

If you do not have for your website HTTPS protocol, it may cause:

  • Potential customers may be afraid to enter your web resource
  • Search engines do not trust HTTP, so SEO (for example, Google) does not rank HTTP websites.
  • Data can be stolen easily.

There are several ways to receive such certificate:

  • Receive an SSL certificate for free (for some websites, it can be provided for free forever or for some limited time)
  • Request the SSL certificate to the hosting company/ Internet provider
  • Request the SSL certificate from Certification Center.

You may check SSL certificates using many resources on the Internet.

So, while creating your website, check that you are using HTTPS protocol, which will help you minimize possible safety problems. The other aspects are subject to constant work with your website that should never be forgotten.


I hope this article helps understand the necessity of a website for any business like small or enterprise. It depends only on you how this website will look like and how it will attract your Customers.

Remember – the website is your face; it should include detailed information regarding your products and services. Exciting articles regarding using your products and good tips for relevant topics will attract target auditory that can become your constant clients.

You should first of all take care regarding website safety not to lose your treasure during hacker attacks; with solid protection, you can set advertisement campaigns that increase your profit.

The mechanism of better launching a website with catching content is easy to set based on professional SEO audit reports that will show all weak and strong sides.

Thank you!
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