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How SAP can help Small Businesses Succeed

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While large companies are often more well-known, small and medium-sized businesses are also quite important to the economy. Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) comprise a large part of businesses around the world, and they provide an invaluable number of jobs to the workforce.

While businesses are overall difficult to manage, MSMEs face particularly big challenges in the current local economy. To survive and grow, it’s crucial to search and use better tools that can improve business processes.

This is where SAP comes in. With its modern features and convenient centralized platform, more and more business owners are set on finding an SAP business partner that can help them improve company operations.

To elaborate further, here is a quick rundown of what SAP is and how it could be key to your business’s success.

What is SAP?

SAP is short for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. SAP systems are made up of a wide variety of modules that companies use to effectively operate, such as inventory management, business intelligence and analytics, and customer relationship management (CRM.)

SAP is also another name for an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, which is produced by a company that bears the same name.

Established in 1972, SAP SE is a multinational German company that provides system solutions, catering to over 75,000 clients in 120 countries. To date, they have over 140,000 installations worldwide.

Advantages of Using SAP for Small Businesses

It is generally believed that the high-performing systems SAP SE offers are only available to big companies. This, however, is a misconception.

SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) are also part of their pool of clientele, with system packages designed for their business needs. As a small business owner, here are some of the ways SAP can help your business succeed.

Effective Yet Affordable Management Solution

Centralized systems such as SAP often come along with a hefty price tag. Small businesses, however, can afford more affordable system packages that match the needs of their companies better.

SAP SE offers a wide variety of system packages, such as SAP Leonardo, Business ByDesign, and SAP Business One, which all cater to different company scales.

SAP Business One, in particular, is specifically designed for small-scale enterprises. Some of its features include CRM, inventory management, and sales and procurement functionality. By investing in a powerful and dependable system, you greenlight the way for more efficient daily work performance, which opens up more profitable opportunities for your business.

Applicable to Any Type of Industry

No matter what kind of business you’re in, SAP can help you manage company performance. Whether you’re in retail, healthcare, construction, or any other kind of industry, SAP can streamline day-to-day operations. Done right, this will lead to exceptional growth for the company and increase the chances of expansion.

Timely and Accurate Data and Records

One crucial drawback to having a decentralized system is the lack of real-time access to updated and accurate information.

Since data is kept to individual departments, it takes more time to check if an item is in stock or to acquire relevant data for decision-making.

With a centralized system like SAP, company staff can easily access data from multiple departments with real-time updates.

This means that you can get information quickly to finish tasks and reports faster. Moreover, sensitive information like salaries and other finances are limited to authorized personnel. In this manner, different departments or staff have access to the information relevant to their work while ensuring that other sensitive data are kept safe.

Improve Supply Chain Processes

As your business grows, more transactions inevitably happen. You need to juggle processing payments, restocking from suppliers, and getting back to customers. This takes up a lot of time and effort, making you more prone to mistakes.

Using SAP, you can more efficiently manage all of these tasks in a single platform, as opposed to multiple programs.

You’ll be able to get access to real-time information on available supplies and have more control over payment cycles and accompanying documents.

Helps Provide Better Customer Service

As company operations become more efficient with SAP, you can put more focus on customer services. Streamlined operations will give you more time to connect with clients and respond to their inquiries. With updated and accurate data on-hand, you can reply more quickly to customers and have products delivered at the earliest time possible. Keep track of the deal from start to finish—all within a single platform.

Accessible Training Materials

Given how technologically advanced SAP is, you may be worried that they might be too difficult to learn for you and your company staff. Fortunately, SAP has several free training materials online that you and your personnel can easily check to learn the ropes of this high-performing system.

Overall, as society becomes more technologically advanced, it’s important to upgrade company processes as well. The market is continuously evolving, and to keep up with the demands and survive the current economic landscape, it’s crucial to embrace and take advantage of the technological tools available. Consider SAP for your company and take a solid step forward to reaching your business goals.

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