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Here’s a Guide to Help You Shop for Inverter Battery at the Right Inverter Battery Price

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Shopping for an inverter battery requires time and patience if you want nothing but the best. The best way to spot the ideal inverter battery combo is not the inverter battery price, but what will you get for the money invested. Therefore, it’s important to stay informed and aware of certain things that can be helpful in choosing the right inverter battery price for your home.

Balancing Power and Delivery

Do you want to run high-powered appliances over normal ones like a fan, tv, few lights, etc? Depending on the type and number of appliances at your home, you need to create a balance between power and delivery. An underpowered combo won’t deliver, and an overpowered one will cost you more. Therefore, create a list of appliances that you have at your place that you would want to run during a power failure.

Normally, we don’t tend to run everything except for the most important ones such as fans, lights, and television sets; however, if you would also like to put in a few air conditioners, refrigerators, geysers, pumps, etc. into the mix, then the equation changes. So, go for an inverter and a battery combination that is adequately powered to deliver the power you need to efficiently run whichever appliances you want to run during a power failure. Add the wattage of all the appliances you want to run during a power outage. The inverter must have a load capacity, sufficiently more than the requirement. A 20% margin above the required load would be a good choice.

Service Life and Maintenance Costs

Factoring in the overall service life and maintenance costs of the unit is again another important factor you must include when narrowing down to a unit. Read up customer reviews of the shortlisted units, as that would give you an honest idea about the service life and maintenance costs involved. Never buy a combo based on the inverter battery price alone, which means, don’t go in for the cheapest one. Rather, choose one that comes with maximum service life and won’t cost you a fortune in maintenance in the longer run. You may not anticipate it, but high-maintenance costs could make owning a backup unit far more expensive than the money spent on buying one in the first place.


The inverter battery price heavily depends on the technology used; the more modern the technology the costlier it would be and vice versa. However, it’s better to spend more on buying an inverter battery combo based on the latest technology than to save money on buying one based on previous generation technology. This will help you save a lot on maintenance and electricity costs in the longer run. If you want to run sophisticated appliances like laptops, printers,s or LED/LCD TV it is recommended to use a Sine wave inverter, because these inverters’ output waveform is almost similar to the grid output waveform. For running only lighting-fan load square wave inverters can be used. For battery, choose the flat plate battery type if in your area you face frequent but short-duration power cuts. If you experience long-duration power cuts, Tubular technology would be a good choice. GEL technology offers maintenance performance from the battery, however, they are comparatively costlier than flat plate or Tubular plate batteries.

After Sales Service

Should you face any issues once you have brought the inverter battery unit home; you will need prompt after-sales support to resolve the issues. Therefore, always buy from a reliable brand that’s known to offer stellar after-sales support and easy availability of spare parts. This is why you must never buy locally manufactured units since the local manufacturers may not necessarily be able to provide you with spare parts as promptly as a reliable brand would.

Choosing the ideal inverter battery combo is more than just choosing one based on the inverter battery price alone. Therefore, always factor in the points we discussed here to choose the best possible inverter battery combo for your home.

Luminous has a reputation for building the best inverters and batteries using the latest technology and the best components guaranteeing a long service life and low cost of maintenance. Moreover, with their superior customer support and after-sales service, you can rest assured that you are sure to get your money’s worth without having to spend a bomb on maintaining the backup system.

So, stay informed, make better decisions, and only buy products from reliable manufacturers and brands!

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