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Healthy Backlinks Profile: What Is It and How To Create?

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For a good reason, backlinks are the top priority for SEO specialists and everyone who wants to conduct an effective digital marketing strategy. How to create backlinks that would boost your Google rankings is a popular issue every marketer faces. We are here to help you build a healthy and effective link profile.

Essential Signs of a Healthy Backlink Profile

If you get enough backlinks, Google guesses you generate interesting and useful content for your audience. Apparently, the more links you have got, the closer to the top of search results you get. Well, unfortunately, that is not exactly true.

To get all the benefits backlinks can offer, you should focus primarily on their quality. The following factors signalize a healthy and safe link profile:

  • You acquire backlinks from authoritative and safe domains. The higher reputation the referring website has, the more value its link gets for your backlink profile.
  • Websites link to your website naturally. That means, it appears surrounded by context and linked to an appropriate, non-spammy anchor phrase.
  • Few backlinks from low-quality websites. You can barely find a website with a perfect backlink profile. Low-quality backlinks happen anyway. Just keep an eye on their number.
  • You have a reasonable number of backlinks that appear gradually. You should have enough of them, but if they come rapidly and in large amounts, they may look suspicious and may be banned by a search engine.
  • The backlinks come from multiple sources. Google appreciates the variety of web sources linking to you. Do not forget that they need to be relevant to your niche, though.

If your backlink profile is rich and reasonable, you will not only attract Google’s attention. In the end, besides increased visibility for your target audience, you will also have a well-developed partnership network. As a well-deserved leader of all off-page SEO tips, link building will strengthen your reputation and consolidate your position in the industry.

Luckily, the quality of backlinks is not an abstract concept. You can choose from a variety of SEO tactics and create a perfect link profile on your own. We would like to share with you a compilation of 4 approaches that work the best today. Learn more and choose what will work best for your goals.

How to Create Backlinks for a Healthy Profile

Generate Great Content

First and foremost, the quality of your content defines not only your link-building outcomes but also your whole digital marketing strategy. This is what attracts new readers, keeps the existing audience engaged, and serves as a basis for inter-business communication.

How can you transform your content so that other people would like to link to you? Follow these steps:

  1. Pick one topic and create relevant content. In this way, you concentrate your effort and make the foundation for relevant backlink building.
  2. Experiment with various content formats such as images, videos, infographics, checklists, or anything that will be right for your topic.
  3. Make your content reputable by including credible data and research, expert writing, and professional design.
  4. Optimize your pieces and the whole website for search engines with technical SEO (titles, keywords, structure, meta descriptions, etc.).
  5. Post regularly. To do so, create a schedule and plan your content in a way that would be productive, though not exhausting for you.

If you implement these tips in your content strategy, you will step up the game and make your content work for you. Then, you can go on with other backlink-building tactics.

Offer Your Content to Others

If you know how to generate stunning content and practice it regularly, you can point this process in a slightly different direction. Write for other bloggers and websites, and you will invest both in their and your own progress.

Guest posting differs from regular content creation not greatly. The key principle is to find a relevant and reputable website that accepts guest posts and to create quality pieces for it. Insert backlink appropriately, in the best possible way.

This kind of link building is universal. It can bring you not only quality backlinks but also new audiences. With guest posting, it is your time to present your brand, products, or services, show your expertise, and establish new business acquaintances.

Encourage Others to Play Fair

It is a common thing people use your content or name to succeed in their projects. Moreover, if you become a “victim”, it is a good sign for you. That only means you actually create valuable content that people want to share.

With special tracking tools, it is easy to identify if someone used your images or mentioned your brand without a backlink. In this case, contact the authors and request politely to add a link to your website. Two birds with one stone: you do justice and earn organic backlinks at the same time.

Invest in Backlinks Directly

It would be nice to have someone who could audit your link profile, consult you, and conduct the whole process without your involvement. And these are the main purposes of professional link-building services.

Before You Start 

Just like any other project, creating a healthy backlink profile takes time, effort, and in some cases even money. All these investments, however, if done properly, can result in significant business growth. You will see it in the form of high positions in Google, a constant inflow of new readers and customers, and new business partners. Do your best to make link building a routine, and you will notice the first outcomes really soon.

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