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Foster Customer Loyalty with WooCommerce Cart Recovery Plugin

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Can the best cart recovery plugin help your WooCommerce store to increase customer loyalty? What type of customer loyalty program can be implemented using a cart recovery plugin?

Formulate the best performing WooCommerce customer loyalty program with the assistance of the Retainful plugin, one of a kind cart recovery plugin. (e.g. woocommerce cart recovery plugin)

Cart abandonment is a major headache in the WooCommerce industry. On the other hand, intensifying customer loyalty towards your product or WooCommerce store is a humongous task.

Improving customer satisfaction will eventually lead to increased customer loyalty. Using the best loyalty plugin in the digital space to reward customers is a way to increase loyalty and reduce cart abandonment.

Customer devotion is a crucial aspect of any WooCommerce store. It drastically improves the brand value and longevity of your store.

With the intense competition surrounding customer loyalty, it is vital to make use of every single opportunity. Use of the best rewards program, implement referral programs for referral fee, and reward and encourage customers when an abandoned cart is recovered. All these put together will assure an increase in customer loyalty.

This article focuses on methods to increase customer loyalty with the help of the best WooCommerce cart recovery plugin.

Measuring Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

“If it can be measured, it can be improved”, so measuring your progress or current state will be crucial in formulating an ideal plan towards improving your WooCommerce store loyalty.

Simply put, customer loyalty depends upon the appreciation shown by the WooCommerce store towards a customer.

Therefore think about the top-of-the-line factors that influence customer loyalty. Do you have any solutions?

There are many factors, but it all boils down to a couple of elements and they will be placed in between user satisfaction, and user experience. When you treat them right, they will stay with you forever; it is as simple as that.

There are numerous elements that can increase your brand loyalty but the below-mentioned factors are extremely important.

  • Repeat purchase discounts
  • Offer coupons
  • Premium quality products
  • Simple to navigate user interface
  • Rewards and gifts for repeated purchases
  • Best deals and offers
  • How to Make customers feel like a part of your store
  • Personalized transactional emails

These are the essential factors when it comes to influencing the customer in the right way. Customer loyalty is a huge deal to all the WooCommerce stores in the digital world, so gain an edge by implementing the right practices.

When it comes to customer loyalty, the measuring metrics are critical, choosing the right metric is essential. Below are the metrics which are mandatory in measuring customer loyalty and satisfaction.

  • Net promoter score software
  • Repurchase Ratio
  • Upsell Ration
  • Lifetime value
  • Loyalty index
  • Engagement Score of customer

These metrics will paint a clear picture of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in your WooCommerce store. These metrics are imperative in determining the path to proceed further. Also, when using a WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin, you can implement these above metrics to see the plugin’s effectiveness in retaining customers.

Net Promoter Score

Customer satisfaction is an important metric across all businesses.NPS has removed the need for boring long surveys that have been used to measure customer loyalty.

A single, simple question is presented to the customer, and the answer reflects their perspective about your WooCommerce store.

How Happy are you With Our Service? Or Can you Rate us in Stars?

These types of questions are mandatory in this competitive environment as it provides an answer to a number of satisfied customers.

Based on their experience on the website, the visitor or customer can give you a score. The aggregate of the satisfaction score will paint a clear picture of loyal customers.

Based on the score given by the customer, they can be classified into three categories,

  • Promoter
  • Passives
  • Detractors

Promoters are people who like your store and will be happy to purchase again in your store. They have given a score of more than 8 for the question. Passive customers are ones that are satisfied but will need a push or encouragement to make another purchase from your store.

The audience base of your WooCommerce store can be increased drastically by promoters word of mouth marketing.

Detractors are not satisfied with your WooCommerce store and they are the most imperative part of your WooCommerce loyalty program.

Because, the moment detractors become promoters or passivers, you can witness a huge increase in your brand awareness, revenue, and repeat customers.

Remember promoters are an indirect part of the best marketing plan, which benefits your WooCommerce store for a long time.

The simplest method to accurately measure your WooCommerce store loyalty. This will determine the stage of customer loyalty in your WooCommerce store. Moreover, the customer will be more willing to answer a single question instead of a long, boring survey form.

Repurchase Ratio

Loyal customers never think about moving from one store to another. This brings in more sales (repeated sales) from a single customer. It is better for the WooCommerce store to track repetitive purchases against new purchases to get the perfect “Repurchase Ratio.”

An accurate repurchase ration will indicate whether the customer retention rate is increasing or falling. Higher the repurchase ratio, higher the loyal customer.

Why is the Repurchase Ratio Crucial?

The repurchase ratio delivers a clear count of loyal customers to your WooCommerce store. Veterans and experts in the digital spectrum firmly say that approximately 30% of the total sales is from loyal, repeated customers.

Therefore, clearly defining your repurchase ratio will help in enhancing your entire strategy towards the next step.

Upsell Ratio

The upsell ratio provides the ratio of customers who have bought more than one product or service to that of customers who have bought only one product.

Repurchase ratio and upsell ratio may look similar but they are entirely different. Upsell ratio concerns another product or service. If a customer purchase a product that is just launched in your WooCommerce store, it indicates the increase of their loyalty towards your store.

These customers can be engaged in the best loyalty programs and offered rewards as a token of appreciation. The credibility of your WooCommerce depends on customer experience, and if you have gained the customer’s trust then it will be reflected on your future product sales as well.

When a customer’s cart contains different products from different categories, it indirectly represents their loyalty towards your WooCommerce store.

The best example is purchasing a headphone because you are happy with our mobile purchase. It is a big step and it constitutes a great portion of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Customer Loyalty Index (CLI)

An imperative metric to precisely track customers’ experience.

CLI is a measurement of how invaluable a customer is to your company with an unlimited span instead of just the first purchase. A crucial factor in understanding the cost of a single customer acquisition.

How can CLI be Measured?

  • Revenue measurement at each touchpoint
  • Amalgamate records to map out a customer journey
  • Identify touchpoints where the customer creates value
  • Compile all the touchpoints of a customer

All this can be done using a simple formula,
Customer revenue – (cost of acquiring and serving the customer) = CLI

Functions added to this simple formula to reflect multiple purchases, behavior patterns, and engagement to predict CLV.

Customer Engagement Score

The customer engagement score is the perfect way to measure “how effectively they use user service” and let you know how much the customers are engaged with your brand.

In a recent survey, it is revealed that high-performing companies have an engagement rate of 62% compared with poorly performing companies.

Based on the usage and activity on the website each customer will be assigned a score. This will help in segmenting your entire customer base. Thereby making it easier to observe the performance of each segment and can make churn-rate identification hassle free.

It can be used to know when the customer is likely to purchase another product or renew or upgrade their existing products.

These metrics will help you in determining your WooCommerce store’s customer satisfaction. When a customer is satisfied with a product or service or a particular store, then the chances of them switching to another store are zero to nil.

Make sure these metrics are at their optimal level at all times. A drop in any of these mandatory metrics can lead to catastrophic results in terms of customer loyal or ideal customer loyalty programs.

Improve Customer Loyalty – Cart Recovery Plugin

There are numerous cart recovery plugins, but only a handful can perform the task without any mishap. Like WooCommerce cart recovery plugin

In this part of the article, we have taken the best cart recovery plugin in the digital space to explain how it can be of great benefit when it comes to intensifying customer loyalty programs.

With numerous advanced features, the Retainful cart recovery plugin is designed to take your operations to the next level.

So how can a cart recovery plugin foster customer loyalty?

The answer to this question involves the special features of the plugin, these features encourage customers to complete the purchase as well as reward them for their actions. These unique features will remind the customer about your WooCommerce store when they plan on their next purchase.

Special Features of Retainful – Cart Recovery Plugin,

  • Next order coupons
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Referrals

These features combined with the timely emails for the plugin acts as a constant reminder about your WooCommerce store.

Each of these features is effective in increasing your brand awareness and store loyalty. A proper and focused effort in building your customer loyalty and retention.

How Abandoned Cart Recovery Helps in Customer Loyalty?

If you look at the above cycle, it will be clear on the working of the plugin. This drastically reduces the number of abandoned carts.

There are numerous reasons for a customer to abandon their cart without checking out and it happens, so now is the right time to focus on the “recovery process”.

With Retainful’s assistance sending cart recovery emails is easier and it makes the entire process smooth. A gentle nudge to recover the abandoned cart. This will convert your lost sales into revenue.

Instead of sending a general email to recover the abandoned cart, try using personalized email. They tend to deliver a better experience for each customer. A personal touch, to make the customer feel comfortable and will let you know how much you care about them.

These emails will convey the message of a special feeling from a customer perspective which in turn will increase their loyalty towards your store. Now only, with a passive approach of asking the customer to complete the checkout, you will provide them their space for purchase.

It will make the customer feel like a valued member of your WooCommerce store. Also, the recovery emails are sent out at perfect intervals without irritating or frustrating the customer. These predefined features of the Retainful plugin provide an opportunity for customers to show their loyalty towards your WooCommerce store.

Next Order Coupon – A Token of Appreciation

Everyone loves a word of appreciation, so why not show it to your customers. When it comes to showing your customers appreciation, there is no replacement for the next order coupon.

You are rewarding customer loyalty with discount coupons on their next purchase. This will motivated them to return to your store more often.

When a customer checks out their abandoned cart, you thank them by rewarding a discount on their next purchase. So, what do you think? Won’t you purchase from the same store if it gives you a special discount?

The next order coupon increases customer satisfaction by offering special discounts. Thus making them a repeated customer to your store. Showing appreciation for customers will influence them to an extent of remaining loyal customers for a long time.

When it comes to having a perfect customer relationship, there is no substitute for gratitude and appreciation. Both of which are available through the next order coupon. This feature will increase your customer retention rate and will build up customer loyalty towards your WooCommerce store.

Remember the best customer loyalty programs are the ones that bring on happiness to both customers as well as the WooCommerce store owner.

Referrals – Increase Customer Loyalty

A referral program for WooCommerce will be on the top of the list when it comes to increasing customer loyalty. A perfect referral program has the potential to exponentially increase customer loyalty in a short period of time.

Using an effective referral program in your WooCommerce store will increase customer loyalty and retention.

Turning a customer into loyal brand advocates is the speciality of Retainful. The referral programs implemented through Retainful ensure customer loyalty and retention. The program is designed to reward customers, both new and existing. This will increase loyal customers to your store and increase repeated sales.

Offering rewards for customers who refer a new person is the best way to appreciate the referrer. This will encourage them to bring in more new customers and that is how you build a loyal customer base.

With the complete automation offered from Retainful, there will be zero to nil chances of manual errors while recovering an abandoned cart or customer.

All these methods and features are put together to make the best cart recovery plugin an ideal choice for building customer loyalty in your WooCommerce store.

Selecting the right plugin to increase your online presence and brand awareness is work half done. An ideal plugin should complement your WooCommerce store growth apart from performing its predefined tasks.

Yes, you can use a loyalty rewards plugin to increase your customer loyalty but why not use a plugin that perfectly complements the loyalty plugin? While building an epic empire additional resources are always welcomed.

Engaging customers never before makes them feel at home in your WooCommerce store. Thereby increase customer loyalty multifold.

Conclusion – Customer Loyalty, Need of the Hour

With so many WooCommerce stores popping up every day, the essence of customer loyalty cannot be emphasized enough. Elevate your standard of operation in delivering the best ever customer experience by making use of exciting tools and plugins. Retain customers and increase brand loyalty multi-fold with the perfect cart recovery plugin. Like WooCommerce cart recovery plugin. This is the perfect time to get the right plugin tailored to influence and elevate your WooCommerce store.

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