03.06.2022 19:39

Expanding NFT Market For NFT Actors

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Anyone can easily copy an NFT, but no one can copy the life cycle of an NFT.

In the QUASA NFT app, you activate dynamic NFTs that have a life of their own on the blockchain.

Now in the QUASA NFT app, you can select an NFT marketplace and certify any #NFT file on the #Ethereum or #Solana blockchains.

How to link a physical asset to an NFT in a decentralized way, add new data or history of this asset?
Many are still confused.

Attention: This is already implemented in the QUASA NFT app!

Any blockchain, seven NFT marketplaces, and the ability to create and certify your own NFTs right from the QUASA NFT app.

Get a QUASA NFT certificate, share with friends or the community who certify and authenticate your NFT - it's free. No network fees, transaction fees or anything else.

NFT lifecycle

QUASA binds smart contract to NFT and makes existing standard NFT dynamic.

QUASA NFT connects NFT with a smart contract containing events and information.

QUASA NFT certificates are signed by experts and/or the community free of charge.
By registering the NFT life cycle on the blockchain, the QUASA NFT application increases the value and popularity of the asset over time.

Active NFT

The NFT market is a complete mess and limited opportunities:

- Now NFT is just address, picture, video and static information about NFT;
- You cannot add information to NFT and link it to real data.
- NFTs are easy to copy and hard to prove ownership.

The QUASA NFT certificate links the NFT to its history, any information and real data or physical assets and makes the NFT active.

Anyone can easily copy an NFT, but no one can copy the life cycle of an NFT.
The QUASA NFT certificate makes NFT more valuable and empowers.

In the QUASA NFT application, you create active NFTs that live in a virtual world.


The QUASA certificate confirms that the NFT is identified with a specific smart contract, i.e. the public address in the blockchain, the ID of the NFT token, the blockchain on which the NFT was created, and the standard of the token on which the NFT was created.

This NFT is certified by the owner of the public address in blockchain, respectively, the public address of the user in the blockchain is indicated.


When you took a picture of your picture on the wall in the office, immediately made an NFT in the QUASA NFT application, shared it with the office staff in the application and they signed it, then
you already have:
- a picture on the wall in the office;
- NFT of this picture;
- NFT history associated with the physical object, i.e. an image certified by the office staff in the blockchain;
- QUASA NFT certificate.
You can enter the address and other data in the Certificate and renew the QUASA Certificate.
You can advertise your office.

Another example, in the near future, for use in the Metaverse:

You have a $20,000 Swiss watch.
You rarely wear them, they are in the safe - they are of little use - right?
But with the QUASA NFT application, you perform visualization, i.e. 3D model of your watch and shake hands in the Metaverse, in such a watch, for example, to Bill Gates.

This is an interesting event in the history of watches, the QUASA certificate is updated in real time and everyone present can sign it, and the cost of the watch becomes, for example, 50 thousand dollars or 500K!
You can display your watch in a gallery or on a marketplace with information and all the events that happened to it - using a decentralized signed QUASA NFT certificate.
We remember that all this time your watch is kept in a safe, for which you have a QUASA NFT certificate.

The value of any work of art depends on who assured it, which specialists, the public, famous people or a certain circle of people. The community that signed the QUASA NFT certificate for free and decentralized is another plus of the QUASA solution.
The QUASA certificate has value depending on who signed it.


QUASA is the first project to take into account all the decisive factors of NFT, namely provable rare, dynamic, oracle-powered that will define the arts, games and industries of the future.

Thank you!
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