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Common SEO Mistakes That Smart People Make

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No matter whether you are new to SEO or whether you are highly experienced, mistakes are always a part of life. There is no one in the entire world who do not make mistakes. There is a monumental amount of incorrect information is present on the Internet about SEO. But the biggest challenge is that what errors or mistakes are you doing? Here is a list of some most common SEO mistakes that people make.

Publishing poor quality of content 

You know the importance of the good content to a website. For successful optimization, great content is necessary. When you publish poor quality of content consistently, your website visitors will lose their interest at your website and over time, only a few visitors will visit your website.

Focusing on the tactics rather than strategies 

Most of the SEO clients look for every new tactic instead of making a strategy. But the thing is that the tactics you are using are not going to produce results for a longer time. Tactics are the actions that one takes to make a long term strategy Like if a home builder wants to come in front of the home buyers who can buy their homes then the whole strategy the one can use is using SEO and one of his tactics can be adding good quality of content to tell home buyers about the products and services one is selling. So, focus on long term objectives means strategy while working along on tactics. Don’t just jump on tactics forgetting your long-term objectives and strategy.

Not optimizing the website for mobile 

These days, the numbers of mobile users are increasing abruptly. These tech-savvy people have brought many demands in SEO and its tactics. Web responsive design is a key factor to get great ranking on search engine result page. Now you should have tailored your website for mobile users at first before desktop users to reach out a high number of people.

You have not fixed broken pages 

Broken pages are one of the most common SEO mistakes that people do. In order to have a successful SEO, link building is one of the most important factors. However, if you are not keen on following back-links of your website then higher are the chances that you will be in a new problem ahead. A broken page can also be a result of incorrect misspelled URL. Usually, dead links stop crawlers to visit your website as a result, visitors will see 404 error message, therefore, they will jump on to the next website increasing your bounce rate that affects your website negatively. So make sure that all the back-links should be active to have a great ranking and redirect broken links to your website

Failing to accurately track the performance of your website 

If you are not aware of the things that what is performing and what is not performing well then how can you take appropriate action to boost your website ranking. Lots of SEO marketers go with their gut feeling and this is the most common mistake that they do. Like if you want to enhance your website’s speed then inline CSS test is needed. In a similar way, an SEO audit is helpful in measuring the overall performance of the website. There are many powerful tools are available online to track the performance of the website with ease. It will let you know what is working and what is not, what is needed your attention and what actions should you take to improve the performance. So, audit your website frequently and measure the performance of it.

One dimensional keyword targeting 

Researching your keywords wrongly is one of the major SEO mistakes that marketers do commonly. Technically, it is not possible to find out the right keywords for your website. However, it should be noticed that finding the right keywords is important but the usage of the keywords is also equally important. Targeting a single keyword is not realistic, find more than one targeted keywords that are less competitive but relevant to the products and services you are offering.

Other than this, to have a successful SEO, your competitor’s website can be very helpful for you. You can learn lots of things from your competitor website. These above-written SEO mistakes are done commonly by marketers. Now it is time to get rid of these mistakes and get higher ranking to your competitors.

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