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Can I Combine PDF Files into One? Basic Applications

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The PDF format has become quite popular in the present-day document flow of various companies. It is also actively used by various educational institutions. Many users working with electronic documents and books often face the problem of combining PDF files online.

Maintaining documentation and accounts often makes it necessary to merge PDF documents into a single file, so that tables and images used would not change their original location and could be easily sent to the addressee.

How to Combine PDF Files

Today you can use quite a few methods to combine several PDF documents into a single file. It can be specially installed software on your computer, online platforms enabling users to edit a PDF online, or ordinary mobile phones. For those who need to use PDF formats in a professional or business field for such a purpose as document management, it is recommended to take advantage of a special application.

The desktop version is an efficient and convenient option to use as it has more features than online platforms and mobile applications. The most important thing is that there are no restrictions on the size and number of files processed. Furthermore, there is no dependence on the Internet connection, which enables users to work on the software product in offline mode. You can use a PDF software editor – there is a large selection of them today.

The main advantages of the desktop programs include:

  • Ease of use;
  • No strict requirements for personal computers, which enables users to process quite large files even on low-end laptops;
  • Downloadable programs generally work well with all versions of Windows, including outdated ones.

As a rule, such programs require either a subscription or a fee for use.

Best Applications for Merging Pdf Documents

Unfortunately, the Word text editor does not provide the capability of combining PDF documents. Furthermore, there is no such a feature as PDF splitter.

If you need to do the above actions, you can take advantage of special applications that can be grouped into three different types:

  • A versatile PDF editor that enables you to perform a complete process;
  • Applications that have one primary merging function;
  • Specially designed applications with an advanced package of features.

Of course, there can be a practical benefit of using online platforms where you can write on PDF online, but when it comes to professional purposes, it is recommended to use a desktop version of the software.

The most efficient applications are:

  • PDF Commander. The application management is accessible to both professionals and beginners. Its functionality makes it possible to generate a variety of projects for business and personal use. The application provides the possibility of merging a huge number of PDF files, sorting them, inserting blank pages, and adding text. Moreover, the software enables you to create double passwords for a newly created document, and apply stamps and signatures.
  • PDFBinder. This is a small application that gives you the ability to merge files and combine an unlimited number of documents into one file. The main advantage of the software is its performance speed. The whole process is rather fast – it takes just a few seconds.
  • Infix PDF Editor. This is a perfect choice for more complex projects. The existing functionality enables users to combine a huge number of large PDF files, you can also attach scans and pictures. The application features advanced functionality such as layout styling, alignment of text and graphics, linking fonts, enabling auto-translation, as well as text recognition that can be used for scanned images.

The above applications perfectly cope with the main task – combining PDF documents into one file. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, so before choosing suitable software, it is required to estimate the complexity of the project to be created.

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