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Board Portal Software Comparison and Board Meeting Software Reviews

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Board meetings accompanied by a board portal software are a much more optimized way of concluding in-company business. Through the use of elaborate tools, and online storage, the organization of such meetings is streamlined, and it doesn’t disrupt the workflow of the company.

However, each company differs, and finding the best board software solution might be a difficult task. To aid your search, we prepared our guide on how to do a board portal comparison.

What is worth looking out for? Full guide to choosing board management software

Each board software has a unique set of tools that help board meetings in a different way. Although, each software solution of this kind should have the following features implemented and ready to be used.

Before meeting prep

Board portal feature comparisons cannot be done without looking at everything that happens before a board meeting starts. Preparing the necessary documents before the meeting, and sending out the agenda to all of the board members should be easily done from within the board meeting software.
Often accompanied by a calendar integration from Google Calendar or from a board portal native solution, it should simplify the preparation process.
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Accompanying the meeting itself

Many board portal reviews focus on the ability of the software solution to help out during the meeting. The board portal solution should be able to aid the person overseeing the meeting in taking attendance, making votes, and summarizing the events that occur during it.

All of the board members should have an active look at what is happening during the meetings, so they can catch up if they ever get lost during a presentation.

After the meeting reports

After a meeting is adjourned, there should be a report created from all of the things that were discussed during it. A competent board portal solution is able to do that from all of the data that was put into the software.

And after the process is complete, sending it out should be as simple as a click of the mouse. Board management software review usually includes this feature as last.

Those are the main features a board meeting solution should have built-in. If we compare portal software more deeply,

There are other case-specific features that it might include:

  1. Permission settings to the files held in the space. They should depend on who does what kind of job in the company so that they get just the files they need.
  2. Specially curated tools for nonprofits. Nonprofit organizations deal with a lot of paperwork and a lot of meetings, so tools created for them are a necessity in the industry.
  3. Approval process. Before a meeting minutes document becomes approved, it needs to be read by the head of the board meeting. To aid his work, an approval process has been put into place, so they can electronically sign the document, and share it with the people that are involved.
  4. File organization inside of the board software. Board portals might be filled to the brim with documents connected to important board meetings, so an organizational aid might be something your board portal solution needs.


Board meetings are an important part of every company’s life cycle. The things that the company achieved, the things that are currently ongoing, and the unsure future of the company’s dealings are all discussed during such a meeting.
To help with that, reading a board portal review, and looking for a software solution that fits your needs might be helpful. With the help of our list, a list of board portal providers, and board portal reviews from clients, you will be able to make up your mind more quickly, and find what you are looking for.

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