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Analyzing the Impact of Video Backgrounds: A Trend in Web Design

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Website design is a critical part of developing a new website as it helps to create a layout of the website. There has been constant evolution in website design techniques and methods that are making it possible to develop more beautiful and creative websites.

Background videos are popular web design techniques, which are being used to enhance website UI/UX.

Using videos as backgrounds in websites is a trend that emerged a few years ago and it’s still a subject of much discussion among designer communities. With the help of the right web design company, you can build a website with an attractive video background.

Video backgrounds are helpful to grab the attention of those online users who have little attention to begin with. Videos can run in background without being disruptive and promote high user engagement. However, for many designers, using background videos in a website is a sacrifice of usability in the hands of an appealing aesthetic. Moreover, video backgrounds can provide more dynamic and livelier UX when they are used wisely. In this post, we’ll explore the significance of using video backgrounds and their future.

Benefits of using video backgrounds

There are numerous benefits that you can reap with video in background for your website.

Aesthetically appealing 

A website with a video background has ability to stand out in the crowd of static website home pages.

Hence, this is the first advantage of video backgrounds which lies in the ability to capture the attention of more visitors and have those visitors engaged longer.  A website with a video in background gives your site an impression of being technologically advanced as there are only a few websites out there with such design. By putting such element on your website makes it appealing and helps earn the trust of the visitors during the few seconds that you get when a visitor lands on your site. Your visitors’ trust is an important element to motivate them to further engage with your site.

Advantages of experiential marketing 

Some brands take advantage of experiential marketing by providing the visitors with an immersive positive emotional experience that the visitors can associate with the brands.

A video background on a site can help obtain this result. If a brand or a service wants to get advantage of experiential marketing, then a background video is good enough to give visitors an opportunity for experiencing the brands message.

Plus, complex products that require detailed explanation can also use video backgrounds to present product information to the visitors. In fact, short videos about services and products are more preferred by visitors than long text descriptions.

Improve SEO

If the visitors share your video on various sharing platforms, then it will have a positive impact on your site’s SEO. The more views and sharing your video will earn, the more it will help in getting the better search ranking on search engines. And, it is especially possible when visitors find your video worth sharing with others. Plus, adding the right keywords and transcript with your video will also enable the search engines read and discover your video properly. You can always hire a good web design company to build an SEO-compliant website.

Demerits of video backgrounds

There are several benefits that websites can avail with video backgrounds. However, there are some disadvantages too of using videos as website background which are as follows.

Slow loading speed

Given the file format, videos embedded in a web page tend to slow down the loading speed of the web page. Though there are some ways to reduce this effect such as optimizing the videos for faster performance, they still load slowly as compared to images on a web page.

Nevertheless, the problem is that visitors leave a website that doesn’t load quickly as the attention span of a human being has become shorter than that of a goldfish. Therefore, website loading speed is important, and you should keep in mind while choosing a video background for your website.

Not friendly for mobile devices 

Web browsers on mobile devices whether it is Android or iOS do not play videos automatically. On these operating systems this feature is blocked. Despite you create a trigger element to enable the video to play when visitors touch a specific area on the screen, it will still be ineffective. In fact, it will be an unexpected thing for users and they won’t respond properly to non-intuitive design. Further, a lot of mobile users use limited mobile data and videos playing online consumes more data bandwidth that will force visitors to leave your website due to such bad experiences.

Excessive elements on the page 

Putting too much elements on a web page is bad design which not only slows a website’s loading speed but also make it confusing for the visitors.

Similarly, if you put a background video which covers everything above the fold along with some non-readable text, then your website visitors will find it difficult to get your message.

Thus, your site will fail to convey the message that it aims to. More and bigger is not always better as excessive elements on your site may spoil the impression that you want to create among the visitors. You can a web design company to get consultation and guidance to build the right UI/UX for your site.

Right strategy for video backgrounds 

Using background videos can add value to your website or spoil it depending on how you use them on your site. However, they are not for everyone, and if you plan to use them because they seem a cool thing for you, then you should think about it carefully. If you still plan to do so then you need to make sure that you do it right. There are some tips below that can help you make the right use of background videos.

Pick videos that align with brand 

Video is the medium that you use to deliver the message about your brand and present your offerings. Video you embed into your website should contain the subject matter that supports your brand offering. Make sure the content of the video is compelling and effective, plus it shouldn’t be too lengthy.

Video that only act as background

Video backgrounds are only used for backgrounds and they shouldn’t be the focal point of a site. This will create a distraction and you should choose an approach to reduce distractions. For this, you should use optimum transitions to avoid distractions to the eyes.

Short videos with better content

Instead of making longer videos, you must focus on creating short videos with compelling content. Lengthy videos will cause websites to load slowly as they have bigger data to fetch over the network and to be processed by a device. You should also optimize the video for mobile users.

Summing up!

Design is crucial for every website as it defines the layout of a website in terms of what elements it should have and appearance of those elements in it. The trend of video backgrounds brings a new way of designing website layouts by embedding videos as the backgrounds on home pages. While it may enhance your website user experience, it may have impact on its performance. Thus, you need to use videos wisely on your site to get the desired results. You can select a good web design company to create the desired website.

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