03.02.2023 14:47

Active NFTs (ANFTs) Empower Physical Assets. YOUR #ANFT - YOUR WAY ! (QUASA NFT app.)

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NFTs aren’t just digital pieces of art. They are layered mechanisms for proving ownership, access, rights, and more.

Active NFTs authenticate physical assets and represent them in virtual spaces with a unique active NFT (ANFT).

Now anyone can present objects, works of art, objects they own, and even their beloved pet in virtual spaces and metaverses with proof of ownership of these physical objects and the ANFT itself. After you make an active NFT for your item or asset in a couple of clicks, you can send it to experts or the community for signature.

Decentralized expert or community signature is another know-how of active NFTs (ANFTs).

QUASA NFT app offers an efficient solution - active-NFT.

Сreate ANFT for a real object - right in your app, or from your NFT from any existing platform. The community or experts certify it via blockchain, confirming the rights of the owner.

The final ANFT is inextricably linked with the real object!