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8 Easiest Ways to Uncover Content Ideas for Any Niche

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You have heard time and time again about the importance of having a blog and great content on your website. Featuring valuable and relevant content on your site is one of the effective ways to grow your business.

content ideasHowever, there are times when the creative juices in your brain that produce content ideas just drain you. That is one of the issues that writers or blog owners have to face when coming up with a blog topic.

Moreover, creating content ideas also becomes more of a challenge. Since the internet is full of information already, you can’t seem to produce something very unique ideas that are not on the internet already.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that you sometimes have to throw in the towel and settle for easy to make yet low-quality contents.

Truth be told, there is no such thing as running out of content ideas for any niche. Topic ideas are everywhere and it only takes a good look around before you can find a Eureka moment.

Here are the easiest way you can uncover content ideas for any niche.

#1 Make an In-Depth Article

You may notice from other blog posts that they create lists and “top 10” articles of your chosen niche. All good and informative. However, most of the listicles that are created are just featuring quick, short overviews of a topic.

You can get content Ideas from this kind of contents and make a full article out of it. For example, the Staying Safe Online can be extended. You can add parts like, why is staying safe online important? Make an article why you don’t post any personal information online, true facts and stories with regards to it and maybe some safety precautions when surfing online.

Getting one or two related points from the list created is also possible. This method is one of the easiest ways to generate new article ideas.

#2 Create Greater Content

You may or may not have known but in SEO, there is such a thing as analyzing your competitors SEO strategy and adapting to it to supplement your strategy. In content generation, that is also an applicable method for getting content ideas easily.
Trace your competitors or check the blogs with the same niche as yours. Utilizing tools that are available online, you can trace and find what blog post is popular on their site. Read it, understand it and then analyze it.

While analyzing, find out what points that they are lacking in the post. List it all down and create your own post like that as well. However, to avoid from performing plagiarism, you have to formulate and brainstorm on the topic that you are making. Write it in a different tone, put some different flavors, or present it in a different angle.

#3 Allow Guest Posts

By allowing guest posting on your blog, you'll uncover content ideas from experienced bloggers and experts. Despite what everyone is saying on the internet, guest posting is not dead. It is, however, for spammy, irrelevant and low-quality guest posts. Ever since the release of Google’s Panda update, reinforced by the Penguin update, many have given up hope with guest posting.

For guest posters who are just after spamming, they should give up hope. For guest posters who wanted to earn their links the right way, they should think of it as an opportunity for sites who are still open for guest posts. This will be the perfect time for them to show their skills and expertise in a niche and earn those links with confidence.

Not only will this decrease the making of low-quality posts for the sites who are looking for guest posts, it will also give the site owners a break from writing content. Moreover, it also welcomes new voices and new perspectives from all over the world.

Guest Post Write for Us Example

#4 Generate Ideas from Your Customers

Aside from your competitors, your customers are one of the most effective and easiest content generators. You can find their past comments in your blog or from interactions such as from emails or phone calls.

If they are reporting a problem or a difficulty with your services, chances will be that there are more than one of those people experiencing such difficulties. You can write a topic about the usual problems that customers encounter and fill in what to do to make it right.

This will foster a relationship between your company and your customers. By answering their problems, it shows that you are listening to them and that you value their feedback. Additionally, you also get to try and make your services for the better by assisting them through blog posts. Suggestions that your customers make sometimes can also serve as content ideas for your future posts.

Generating ideas from your customers is definitely my favorite tip to uncover content ideas. Why? Because it has a double positive effect: you show to customers how you care about them and you get new ideas for content.

#5 Check Online Forums Discussing Your Niche

Other than your competitors and your customers, people that are in your niche are also one of the most effective content idea generator out there and a great way for you to uncover content ideas in your niche. Enter Q&A platforms and forums such as Quora, Yahoo! Answers, and Reddit for questions and discussions with regards to your niche.

For example, the image below shows questions about novel writing. You can do a lot of content from these two examples alone. For one, the first question, you can make a content that gives advice to aspiring novel writers. Second, on the second question, you can do a compilation such as What to Do When People Bring You Down from Novel Writing?

What’s more, this kind of questions and topics give more value since there are a lot of people out there that relate to such topics. You just have to pick the best question to inspire you and you are good to go. Finding topics on forums is a great way to start with your content marketing campaigns.

Quora Forum Question Topic Example

#6 Success and Failure Stories

Content doesn’t have to focus on the happenings around you. You can always produce content what’s happening inside of your company. Furthermore, everyone wants real life stories that they can relate to, therefore, such stories can be used for your content creation.

If your company or business has experienced some success, you can share it to your audience. Create a step-by-step process on how you did it and explaining why you did it and how you thought of that solution to your problem. However, refrain from bragging. No one wants to read you brag about yourself and that will reflect on your company. Case studies are one of the success stories that you can make.

On the other hand, if you or your startup have a fail, don’t be embarrassed and write away. As many may say, failures are one of the ways to success. You can write about what went wrong, what you think was wrong and what lessons have you learned in order not to fail again.

#7 Interview Someone

Interviewing relevant, interesting and influential people are one of the easiest content ideas for you to do. This is somehow like a successful story, however, it is from another person related to your niche.

nterview SomeoneYou only have to make up pertinent questions for them to answer and make an article about that. For example, if your niche is about fashion, the best one for you is to ask for an interview from an influential fashion blogger.

Do your research and make sure to ask questions no one has ever asked them before or something they have mentioned in their blog.

By interviewing influential people on the internet, not only you'll uncover content ideas, you will also be able to attract their avid followers to your site. Not only you will generate traffic from their audience, you will also increase the chance of some of their follower to convert to your services. Furthermore, build a relationship with influencers to make it easier for you to ask them for an interview in the future.

#8 Reuse and Recycle Past Posts

Your past posts can be updated, reused and republished. Although trend posts are a lost cause of recycling. Recycling or repurposing your past post is more than possible when you have evergreen posts. Even though they are evergreen, tactics, facts, and methods change through time. Therefore, it is appropriate for you to update your evergreen post while you get a new blog post. It’s hitting two birds in one stone.

However, don’t just stick yourself to blog posts when it comes to repurposing past articles. Mix it up by recreating your evergreen post into other content types such as infographics, video, and more.

Moreover, repurposing blog posts that are redistributed in other forms of content will significantly boost your article’s exposure. Not only your article but your website as well.

Repurposing content seems old school but transforming it into something new will you provide you a new topic easily.

How to uncover content ideas? Don't worry, content ideas are everywhere!

Content ideas are actually everywhere! Above you could see 8 ways to find new content ideas but you could also have a look to these 21 ways of using Google Trends to build your content marketing strategy. You just have to have time and go look for it around you and not just in your head. You also might notice that the best content ideas are from other people such as your competitors and your audience.

However, having a great content concept is just the tip of the iceberg. Be aware that how you write it can make or break your post. Be sure that you adopt the best practices in writing content as well as knowledgeable and honest with what you are doing. Don’t forget the important elements of it too such as images and helpful links. Don’t abuse and go spammy. It can cost you your site and your followers.

Great content not only revolves around a great concept. It all starts and ends on how you make it. A simple content can even go a long way if you presented it right, entertaining and relevant to readers everywhere.

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