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5 Trends in Data Center Security

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Virtually every modern company faces the challenge of data center security.

All data center companies need to be able to protect data regardless of where it is stored. Organizations are rushing to implement effective data center security measures because of the increasingly complex approach to data management.

Data Center Security

Data center security can be described as a broad term that covers a variety of security practices and programs. These include firewalls and antimalware programs. They are designed to protect data centers against threats, attacks, and unauthorized access.

Data center security includes measures to prevent and recover from physical damage to data center infrastructure. This includes natural disasters, physical break-ins, and other factors.

Top 5  Trends in Data Center Security

1. Data Centers are increasingly using social engineering security

Social engineering security is a third security category for data centers. This area is focused on user education regarding security practices that can be used to help organizations avoid falling prey to phishing or spear-phishing attacks.

According to the FBI, phishing schemes were the most prevalent cybercrime in 2022. In fact, incidents almost doubled in frequency since 2019. In 2022, the FBI received 11 times more phishing complaints than in 2016.

2. Data Center Security Investments are on the Rise

Gartner reports the global data center security market will be worth $200 billion by 2022. This is a 6% increase year-over-year.

The data center security industry saw a COVID-19-influenced slowdown, particularly in relation to infrastructure spending. However, Gartner predicts that spending in this sector will more than rebound in the next few years.

3. Data Center Security Operations will be improved by increased automation adoption

While automation was already a rising trend in business operations before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many companies have increased automation adoption to protect their data centers. Organizations must become less dependent on humans to keep operations safe during unplanned events.

Automated systems are smarter than ever and can perform more complex tasks with greater precision. Automation and robotics are being increasingly used by organizations to manage processes such as application delivery, scheduling and automating workflows.

The joint study “2022 State of the Data Center Industry” by the AFCOM data center industry membership association and Data Center World found that 40% of respondents indicated they plan to use robotics and automation to monitor their data centers and maintain them over the next three-years.

4. The Nature Of Data Center Security Risks is Changing

Cybercriminals are attracted to data centers. These facilities contain sensitive proprietary data, as well as personal identifying information (PII), which is subject to various industry regulations and government regulations. A potential cyber criminal could find a way to hack into a data center.

Ransomware is an increasing threat to data center operations. Cybercriminals have targeted data center infrastructure specifically. In 2020, South Korean hosting giant Nayana was attacked. Thousands of customer websites were taken offline and the ransom was not enough to restore all sites.

Equinix, one the largest global data centers in the world, was hit by a similar attack on September 2022. The attackers demanded USD $4.5 Million in this instance. This was particularly concerning as Equinix is connected directly to AWS and Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle.

5. Cloud and Edge Computing are changing the scope of data center security

IDC projects that by 2022, 80% will have set up processes to facilitate a shift from traditional infrastructure and applications to the cloud. This is twice the speed of the COVID-19 pandemic. Enterprises are also adopting edge computing, a type of distributed data infrastructure. Omdia , an analyst firm, predicts that by 2024 the number of servers at the edge will increase to 4.7 million.

Secure data centers can be difficult to secure with cloud and edge computing. Companies are investing more in specialized software tools to target the data stored at these locations.

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