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5 Tips For A Successful Mail Campaign

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Internet marketing is not only about having a web page and being present in social networks, but also about making the most of the resources offered by the internet. Now, we have the possibility to provide valuable content to users who request it in exchange for their data, and with this data, we can send them emails explaining in an attractive way what we can do for them and what they can obtain from us, and turn them into customers.

Everything depends on the subject

The subject of the email is what will make the recipient open it or not. It is the first contact that the potential client will have with your mail, so you have to be very careful not to waste the opportunity to get a client because of the subject that sounds like spam.

 emailWhen deciding whether or not to open a mail, we generally consider two fundamental factors: the subject and the sender. If the sender is unknown, we will rely entirely on the subject to make the decision, and this will not take a few minutes, but it is a quick decision for a few seconds. So it is ideal for the subject to be short, direct and that it offers something to the recipient so that he/she is tempted to open it.

Since the objective is that the reader opens it, the most important thing is the call to action. If we also create a sense of urgency, the user will be tempted to open the mail once he sees it in his inbox and does not leave it for later. Including numbers will increase the opening rate, and some people also include emoticons in the subject.

Another resource is to use the titles of the posts you share in the mail, but keep in mind that you have to hook the receiver by offering something of value.

Use tools to manage your mailing campaigns

tools to manage your mailing campaignsYour mailing campaigns will be better managed with a suitable tool to schedule the posts, organize databases, etc.

Do not be seduced by the word “free” and choose the cheapest one to save money.

Choose the tool that best suits your goals and do not mind spending a little to get much more profitable benefits. Some of the most used (and rightly so) are MailChimp, Mailrelay or Aweber.

But the tool thing does not end here. A good mail campaign also has an effective landing page, you know, that page where you end up when you click on an ad.

Customize the emails with the recipient and do not overwhelm him

Customize the emails with the recipient and do not overwhelm himHas it ever happened to you that you subscribe to a page and, from that moment, you receive an email every few hours? It’s annoying, right? It is so annoying that you end up unsubscribing, or deleting their emails as soon as they arrive, or blocking all messages that come from that page. It is not a situation in which you would like to find yourself.

Sending a huge amount of emails, in the long run, is counterproductive. Of course, the intention is not to overwhelm your subscribers, but to keep them as well informed as possible. But maybe this is not the most appropriate way. Do not send an email every day; create intervals sending emails.

A good option is to send a mail once a week: every Monday to start with strength, every Tuesday for people to focus on returning to work on Monday, every Thursday to dismiss the week. Choose a day and a time when the receivers are more likely to read and keep them.

Once you have defined the frequency with which you will be sending your mail, use the database to personalize the recipients. A personalized email calls more attention than one that is noted to be generic and is intended to be sent in bulk, so that, if you can include the name of the recipient in the mail or in the subject, do it. In fact, a personalized matter has a higher opening rate than a non-personalized.

If the recipient gives the impression that he is receiving personalized content exclusively for him, he will not be so reluctant to open the mail. With the database, you can personalize the message with the names of the recipients, the place where he lives, the contents that most interest him, etc.

Send valuable content

valuable contentWe have to create content with the same frequency with which we elaborate email campaigns because if not, we will not have anything to send. You must send valuable content so that the recipient is tempted to open not only the mail but also what you are sending in it.

If you do not see yourself capable of creating enough valuable content each week to include them in your mail strategy, do not do it. Don’t stress yourself because you will end up writing anything and what you think is a quality content at best is a small trip caused by the rush and that will not please the receiver very much.

If you cannot send valuable content every week, for example, change your mail strategy and send newsletters every fortnight, and you’ll have more room to create these contents.

As we have already said, we should not burden recipients with messages day after day and it is not so much about sending three weekly mails; the important thing is that the frequency is constant and that the content is of quality so that your subscribers find it useful.

In the end, the content is the key

In an email, we have to say everything we want in the smallest possible space, in a clear and concise way. The trick to achieving this is, simply, practice. Read and write as possessed daily not only to improve how you write but also how you organize the ideas you have in your head and the messages you want to convey.

If, for example, the newsletter talks about the contents of some specific posts of your blog, you have to know how to sell all those posts in a few lines, always leaving a little space for the imagination so that the recipient decides to go to those articles and read them in their entirety.

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