31.07.2023 15:30

5 Things You Need to Know About Choosing Materials for Business Machinery

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With so many material options to choose from these days, deciding on what materials to use for your business’s machinery can seem intimidating. Before making this important decision you need to reflect on a few key factors that should be driving your decision. Make a list of all the aspects that you would like to consider when building your machines and then take it from there, only you will know what your company’s goals are. Once you are ready to make a call, check that you have familiarized yourself with these 5 aspects:

  • Cost

Be aware that your decision should not be based solely on the cost factor when you have a franchise business, but this is still a big driver in your decision-making process – which is understandable. There are times where you can compromise on cost versus quality, depending on what your machines are required to do. If you have smaller machines that won’t need to work as hard then a cheaper grade material like mild steel will probably suffice.

  • Durability

If your machines need to be thermally conductive and durable then explore custom solutions for composite manufacturing facilities. If durability is your primary concern then consider having someone else take over the more complex side of your manufacturing process like machining different sized parts. Choose a solution with an in-house team to take care of your business’s needs effectively and efficiently.

  • Purpose

This should be one of your biggest factors when it comes to deciding what materials to use. With options like steel, wood, carbon fiber, aluminum, and plastic, there is no shortage of materials that are more than capable of doing the job and doing it well. The main thing is for you to know what the purpose of each machine will be, which will help you to narrow down your field of choice to a few select options. Each material option will have a set of associated pros and cons that go along with choosing it so be sure to research yours thoroughly.

  • Green Matters

Most companies these days have started running green-based initiatives to reduce their footprint. If this sounds like your company then take some time to research the eco-friendly aspects of your selected material options. Find out what the process is that it takes to make them, how renewable they are in terms of resources, and also find out if they are recyclable. It may end up being a little pricier at first but most first-world governments offer some kind of tax rebate for going green.

  • Maintenance

Last, but certainly not the least, is the point of needing to consider what machinery maintenance your chosen material option will need in the coming months and years. Most of the popular machinery material options these days vary in durability and the ability to resist corrosion and other less-than-ideal situations. If your budget has you leaning towards a cheaper option at first, you need to consider the cost implications that the maintenance requirements of the cheaper option will have on your bottom line.

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