24.06.2024 13:30

4 Ways to Take Advantage of the Dynamic CTA

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You are most likely using calls-to-action (CTAs) in your marketing, but are you taking advantage of the dynamic CTA? Whereas a typical CTA is standard for every user, the dynamic CTA, or smart CTA, creates a unique call-to-action based on the visitor.

The Smart CTA is a powerful marketing tool that helps companies increase conversions. In fact, studies show that personalization is more effective in converting leads.

HubSpot looked at data over a year-long period and found that calls-to-action that were targeted to the viewer performed 42% better than generic calls to action.

There are a number of strategies you can employ when using the dynamic CTA in your marketing. Below, we cover 4 ways to take advantage of Smart CTAs:

1. Promote offers based on the user’s lifecycle stage

Visitors need different types of information at each step of the buyer’s lifecycle. For instance, someone who has visited your site and attended a webinar needs different incentives than a new visitor who is unfamiliar with your brand.

The dynamic CTA allows you to segment your audience based on their stage in the lifecycle so that you can deliver more effective content targeted to each buyer’s needs.

2. Offer different promotions to different buyer personas

You have already separated your target market into buyer personas. Why not use that information to help you tailor your promotions? This can be far more effective than offering multiple audiences a general offer that may only be slightly relevant to them.

Dynamic CTAs help you offer promotions that are more likely to appeal to each persona.

3. Promote offers based on the page that the user has visited

The pages that a visitor has looked at can tell you a lot about where they are in the purchasing process. This is great information to use when delivering targeted promotions.

For instance, if visitors have looked at your pricing page, then they are most likely considering a purchase. This would be a great time to offer them a promotion that allows them to try your product.

4. Use the Dynamic CTA for retargeting

Dynamic CTA’s are also a great tool for retargeting. Let’s say that a visitor clicks on a page for your next webinar or event, but they do not sign up. Even though they did not follow through, they were most likely interested in the content.

In this case, you could use the Dynamic CTA to offer a discount. This might be just the push they need to register.

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