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What Can You Get a Ban For

What Can You Get a Ban For

Our task is to provide comfortable and safe working conditions for all users of our service. To ensure the protection of our users, we may block unscrupulous counterparties.

List of actions for which a user can be permanently banned:

- Any action that violates the law. We make sure that the service complies with legal requirements. For violations of the law, the user will be blocked and held accountable;

- Fraud. We will block the profile if we receive a complaint related to a financial requirement. For example, the courier left with the money or the customer did not pay for the work and stopped answering calls. After blocking, we will definitely contact the customer and the executor of the task to clarify the details and, if possible, help in resolving the conflict;

- Artificial influence on the rating. Cheating reviews, an attempt to deceive the rating calculation algorithm leads to account blocking without the possibility of recovery.

- According to the results of verification of documents. The user is blocked if, according to the results of the passport check, it is confirmed that he is under 18 years old, he is wanted by law enforcement agencies, or if the document is invalid: stolen, expired. Also, the profile will be blocked if the check considers personal data suspicious;

- Violation of the rules of communication with employees of the service. We try to protect our users from meeting inappropriate and rude people while completing assignments, so we reserve the right to block a user for rude communication and behavior;

- Complaints from other users. If the support service receives complaints that the contractor or customer violates the rules, is rude, behaves inappropriately or does not comply with the agreements, and this information is confirmed, the account may be blocked;

- Use of multiple accounts. The rules of the service prohibit the use of more than one account, communication with users of the service on behalf of or instead of another person, as well as providing false information about yourself. If such violations are detected, the account may be blocked;

The blocked user does not have access to the service.

How to understand that your account has been blocked by the support service and in what cases you can file an appeal can be found here.