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> How to Submit Your Task to QUASA

How to Submit Your Task to QUASA

How to Submit Your Task to QUASA

In order to find an Pro, you need to create a task in the Quasa Connect application.

To create a task, you need to log in to the application and fill in the minimum required personal data: specify your name and location.

Creating a task begins with pressing the "Add" button on the main screen of the application.


When creating a new task, specify which category it belongs to.

Consistently fill in all the necessary details of the task, describe the essence of the task in your own words, so that the performers understand exactly what is required of them. Specify the budget you want to meet.

After specifying everything you need, click "Publish task". After publication, your task will be available for viewing by performers.

After publishing the task, wait for feedback from the performers.

If necessary, you can make adjustments to an already published assignment (see How to edit an assignment).