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How to Propose a Task to a Specific Performer

How to Propose a Task to a Specific Performer

If you wish, you can offer your task to a specific specialist without waiting for him to independently discover your task and answer it.

- Any unlocked service performer can receive your invitation to complete the task;

- Only published tasks that have not yet been accepted for work can be proposed for execution;

- One task cannot be offered to more than 5 different performers.

You can send a task to a specialist in the following ways:

Method 1

Go to your published tasks and select the one you want to suggest to a specific specialist. On the "Offers" tab, go to view the list of suitable specialists.

In the list of performers, find the desired user or specialist whose profile and experience you like. If necessary, you can use the sorting and filtering of performers from the list.

Click "Submit Task" for the performer you need. The invitation is sent.

The performer you selected will receive a system notification with a link to your task. If he is interested, he can immediately agree or answer and start communicating with you.

Method 2

This method is convenient to use when you already have a link to a specialist profile in Quasa Connect (for example, you have already collaborated with him before).

Click the "Propose a task" button in the profile of the performer you are interested in.

If you currently have multiple tasks selected, you will need to specify which one you want to offer to this specialist.

Further, everything is performed similarly to the first method. The selected performer receives a notification, and you wait for his reaction to your proposal.