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When Would You Use Reseller Hosting?

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Imagine if you could have a recurring income while still having time to pursue other activities. It sounds like a fantasy, doesn’t it? Fortunately, it is possible with reseller hosting. Reseller hosting involves renting server space from a parent web hosting company and then selling that space to your customers. This is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs, online marketers, and digital agencies. Essentially, you get to set up your own business using your provider’s servers. You pay them a flat monthly fee, and then you can charge your clients whatever you want.

Most web hosting companies offer reseller hosting plans. These companies provide different features for reseller hosting. However, there are some common features that most providers will offer. These are:

  • Branding for your own web hosting company
  • Management of your own plans and configuration of different accounts based on your needs
  • Bandwidth
  • Disc space
  • Domain hosting
  • Features you can pass on to your clients like email, control panel, additional scripts, and monitoring tools.

Benefits of Reseller Hosting

Some of the major benefits of reseller hosting include:

  • Earning a steady income stream: With reseller hosting, you’re looking at a long-term investment. Once you have some clients, you’ll have a consistent stream of income.
  • Ability to subsidize your own hosting costs: You can host your own site using reseller hosting, and if you price your packages reasonably, you may even end up hosting your site for free.
  • Easy to get started: Unlike many other online businesses, it’s relatively easy to get started with reseller hosting. All you have to do is subscribe to a plan and start getting the word out about your services.
  • No technical expertise required: With reseller hosting, you don’t have to concern yourself with web hosting’s technical aspects. Everything related to connectivity, server maintenance, updates, security, etc., are taken care of by the parent provider. This lets you focus on the business aspect.

Use Cases for Reseller Hosting

Pretty much anyone who wants to make some extra money can try reseller hosting. Reseller hosting doesn’t require you to be a hosting expert because the parent web host will do most of the work for you. However, reseller hosting is also a great add-on service for website developers and designers. You can create a package where you both create and host your clients’ websites. This will mean a one-stop-shop for your clients and extra income for you.

You might also consider using reseller hosting if you manage multiple websites. A reseller account will allow you to set up unlimited cPanel accounts so you can spread out your resources. Hosting everything under one cPanel account runs the risk that you will run out of resources, resulting in a slow browsing experience for your visitors. Therefore, using reseller hosting will greatly increase the performance of your websites.

Solo entrepreneurs can also benefit from reseller hosting by catering to specific niches. As a reseller host, you won’t be able to compete with the big hosting companies, but if you find a target audience that needs your services, you can market directly to their needs. For example, you could market to small local businesses in your area. Or you could target specific businesses like medium-sized clothing retailers.


Reseller hosting won’t make you a millionaire overnight, but it is a great way to earn a steady income. This type of hosting involves renting space on a server from a web hosting company and then selling portions of that space to your own clients. It comes with several features, including the ability to create your own brand and make your own plans. With reseller hosting, you benefit from the fact that all the technical aspects of web hosting are taken care of by the service provider. This leaves you free to focus on the business aspects of reseller hosting. For this reason, almost anyone can get into reseller hosting. Reseller hosting can be included as part of a web development package or sold on its own to niche markets. It can also be a good way to optimize the performance of multiple websites.

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