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What are freelancers silent about

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Inspired by the stories about the benefits of working on freelance work: a free schedule, lack of bosses, many leave the office and leave. As a result, it turns out that freelance is the same job as any other, only sometimes you have to perform tasks from early morning to midnight.

We asked the performers what difficulties they were facing and what helps them overcome them.

1. Irregular orders

What to do: constantly look for orders and be honest with customers.
Unlike office workers, freelancers themselves are looking for customers. A stable load can be achieved in about a year, before this a situation is possible when the contractor sits without orders or is overloaded with work.
The most difficult thing is the feeling of uncertainty: you don’t know whether tomorrow there will be new orders or not. Sometimes you can receive interesting tasks a day, and the next day you are not at all chosen as an artist. In a few months of freelance work, the feeling of uncertainty did not disappear, but I already know that if there is nothing today, it’s okay, then tomorrow there will be.

The main thing is that everything is fine. If something does not work out, honestly inform the customer about it and, of course, do not take money for such work. I always do the work as if I do it for myself.


2. A busy schedule

What to do: find a business that you like.
The freelancer must control everything himself. We must develop such qualities as teamwork, reliability and focus on results.
For more than 10 years I have been working in various positions in the field of road construction. Then I tried to do small business - I sold donuts. In parallel with the main work, I was engaged in photography for many years.

You must understand that the work of a freelancer is not a relaxation, but the same work in which you have to plow and plow. I have fewer days off now than in the public service.

Even on vacation days, I process photos, but I do not consider this work. This is a creative process that brings me pleasure. In the month I have only 1-2 days of the weekend when I do not take the camera.


3. Self-organization

What to do: make a schedule and stick to it, take breaks.
The remote work format is suitable for organized people who can plan and follow a clear schedule. If difficulties arise with this, a freelance worker is best understood as a side job.
The transitional moment, when I began to shape my own day, became very difficult for me. I got up, went to workout or had breakfast, then sat at the computer. Every day I needed to find 1-2 orders a day or one big one in a week. To have enough for food and housing, I had to earn from 1.5 to 2 thousand rubles a day.

On freelance, I ran into several problems.

1. You constantly postpone work, because there are a lot of temptations at home: a refrigerator, a bed, a TV, social networks. It’s hard to concentrate and get started. Fulfilled the order - and all of you are disconnected

2. I literally drove myself out of the apartment to take a walk, because I had to switch thoughts, and the limited walls of the apartment rather demotivate me than lead to new achievements.

Therefore, I still found work in the office and combined it with a freelancer. For me, QUASA is an ideal part-time job, as it gives me the freedom to choose orders and clients on my terms.


4. Communication with customers

What to do: train to negotiate, watch how successful people do it.
The main difficulty and problem of freelancers is customers. All people are different: there are good, there are grouchy. You should be able to find a common language with everyone.
There is such a phrase: “If it seems to you that something will go wrong, then it does not seem to you.”

I came across unscrupulous customers, so now I do the calculation immediately after the shooting. I have certain leverage over clients. A sufficient period of time passes from work to the result - the photos remain with me, and it depends on whether the client sees them or not. I can give them partially, with watermarks, etc. With this approach, there are no problems with payment.

Earlier, in 2004-2005, I was engaged in the sale of credit cards. Then many did not yet know what it was. I had to look for customers, make “cold” calls and almost pester passers-by on the street. After that, it’s easy for me to communicate and negotiate with any people and clients.


5. Irregular schedule

What to do: be prepared to reply to the customer’s message at 23:00.
The main advantage of remote work is freedom from a fixed schedule. But there is a downside: you need to constantly be in touch.
A freelancer should be alive, purposeful, active and ready to help a client in the morning, afternoon and evening. I have a number of tasks that I perform at 8 a.m. and 23 p.m.

Work on yourself imposes certain restrictions. For example, you should always be in touch. When the reporting period comes, I have no days off at all.

But no one gives me instructions from above. I plan it myself, I know what and when I need to do it. No need to perform silly tasks that are constantly abandoned. Doing unnecessary work from 9:00 to 18:00, just getting paid - it kills. I need a goal, the result is important to me. Well, of course, there must be an appropriate reward.


Why is it still freelance

Due to the feeling of freedom and lack of bosses.
Free employment allows you to independently choose a work schedule, set it up for yourself and your biological rhythms, independently determine the number of orders and set a workload plan for the day. You can go for a walk at any time or take a nap in the afternoon. But the main plus, which is absolutely noted by all performers, is the lack of bosses.
The main advantage of a freelancer is that there is no boss above me, I do not owe anything to anyone. It all depends on self-organization. It will be very difficult for a person who cannot self-organize, discipline himself.

I believe that any freelance employee is either a temporary stage or a springboard for something more. I am convinced that freelance cannot be dealt with all my life. Someday I will refuse freelance, but today I like to work for myself, I like it.


Someone perceives freelance as a temporary stage, for others it becomes the most suitable format of work. Understanding whether a freelancer is right for you is very simple - you just need to give it a try.

Thank you!