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Types of Garage Flooring and the Benefits of Having It

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A garage will usually see a small window of activities being performed inside of its walls such as oil changes, car or machinery maintenance, storage and perhaps a party every now and then. Over time, these activities can leave their nasty trails behind in the forms of stains, discolorations or even worse, deterioration. A simple solution to these problems would be implementing a garage flooring system that consists of a gripping binding agent along with an attractive coating that tops it off. This addition will not only protect a garage floor from damage, but it will also give an otherwise forgotten room a little sparkle to shine. GarageFloorsDFW provide the highest-quality garage floor coatings at a very competitive price and provide a lifetime guarantee that it will not peel or otherwise fail!

A garage flooring system can also provide a sense of safety to its owners. Take the winter months for instance; cars entering the garage may have built up snow on them. Since a garage – if unheated – tends to be a few degrees warmer than the outside temperature, the built-up snow will most likely begin to melt and leave large wet areas that can be extremely unstable when stepped on. A garage floor, with the help and protection from a floor coating, will actually provide a greatly reduced slippery surface to not worry about walking over. Plus, a garage floor with a coating applied to it is exceptionally easy to clean. Water and spills can be swept or wiped up without breaking a sweat.

Different Garage Floor Options

Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that there’s only one option when it comes to garage flooring: concrete. Sure, this might be the most popular option, but this certainly doesn’t mean it’s the best.

While a concrete floor might be fine and functional at first, with time and basic use, it will inevitably become cracked, chipped and a mess to both look at, and drive on, not to mention all the dust and dirt that will collect.

Sounds horrible, right? Well, fortunately, we’re here to offer a few alternatives to your standard concrete floor that will help make your garage more comfortable, functional, and attractive!

  • Tiles

Tile flooring isn’t just for the kitchen and bathroom anymore! More and more homeowners are opting for interlocking PVC floor tiles as a quick and easy way to transform damaged floors. The great thing about these is that they can easily be installed without professional assistance and can turn a damaged floor from drab to fab without any major repairs. As for your aesthetic needs, tiles are available in an array of colors and textures to allow for all sorts of designs and patterns.

You can, of course, opt for more classic ceramic and stone tiles like the ones that are popular for home interiors, but unless you’re willing to repair and replace chipped and cracked tiles every year than it might be best to steer clear of these and opt for a more durable solution.

  • Stained and Sealed Concrete

Yes, we may have just criticized this option in our first paragraph, but with a well-applied stain and proper sealant, a concrete floor can be gorgeous in your garage.. so long as you’re not going to be rough on it. If you’re constantly driving in and out, or working in your garage, your beautifully prepped floor is going to look as shabby as it did before you started. On the other hand, if your garage is more of a showroom or entertaining space then this is an easy way to add a splash of drama and class. Be aware that for a proper effect, you’ll want to make sure all cracks and divots are filled and that the entire floor is clean of all dust and debris before staining.

  • Sealer of Concrete Pattern

When you are in the pursuit of something which is both cost-effective and serviceable, the concrete-textured hiders are the impeccable option for you. These are the functional flooring coatings that safeguard the construction from various types of agonies like the water flood, delicate chemical reactions, coarse salt marks and harsh tire signs that blemish the surface ground.

  • Pigmented Concrete Hider

For the attribute of being dyed, this type of sealer gives the ground the flawless neat look by covering trivial damages and blemishes. The hider merges with the existing cement and hence assures of the paint’s lastingness. To avail its impeccable productiveness, look for the water-made acrylic ones with the anti-slipping property.

  • Tiles of Rubber

Within all the available user-friendly floorboard materials, these are the top-ranking ones. Thinking why is that so? Well, this is cardinally due to the longevity of the elements. If buying standardized quality, then these pieces can last as long as 25 years. As per the effective attributes of this inlay, the mention must be made of the skirts-interconnecting property and the free-of-adhesive installation trait. Moreover, the pieces are sturdy against all types of chemical reactions and adeptly sturdy against all sorts of shock-effects.

  • Vinyl

Best ingenious alternative over the professional floor coatings, Vinyl is the flawless elect when you are opting to trim the garage floor for the first time. Coming in both sheets and open-to-stick inlays, these handiest materials are made more-than-enough dense and robust for your flooring requisites. With perfect grip and protective trait against all sorts of petrol and acidic liquids and most comfy to implement, these are most functional to be the wear-and-tear shield of the barn floor.

  • Most profitable of all

In addition to all ones mentioned above, there is a premium floorboard material which can become the best mate of your garage ground. Adding high-quality water containment mats can also help in protecting your garage floor from any scratches and dirt. The talk is about the Epoxy floorboard, which is thermostatic gum availed as a coating over the cement surface. Created by blending epoxide adhesive with polymeric hardiness,   this is the true substance to pick when you wish for a lifetime treatment of garage floors in Bakersfield. For constituting the amalgamated property of exothermal cure procedure, the Epoxy coat proves to exceptionally strong and enduring.

With any paint or acrylic texture featured on the ground, the Epoxy perfectly unites and assures the glossiness of the hued surface. The distinctive perks of the Epoxy coating include:

  • impeccable concealment over cement fissures, spider-made pops and all sorts of impossible-to-hide cracks
  • Wholesome safeguard against dust
  • Unique chemical property making it adeptly secure against any moisture hazard

Can you think of anything else to ask for in a garage floor? We certainly can’t! So go for revamping of your garage now and enjoy its benefits.

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