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Top 5 Applications That Help You with Your Finances

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New Year, new finance plan. From digital envelopes to contactless payments, these top five applications can help you with your finances. There are plenty more budgeting apps out there, but these are the ones we have cherry-picked out for you to consider.

Top 5 Applications That Help You with Your Finances

Money Dashboard

Founded in 2009 in Edinburgh, Money Dashboard is making a name for itself in the eyes of money-savvy people across the UK and beyond.

It’s a free to use app, available on both IOS and Android. Using Money Dashboard, you can see all your financial accounts. It categorizes your transactions and analyses your spending trends.

One particularly unique selling point that Money Dashboard has is a planner. This means you can input information, like how much a new subscription or class might cost you, and it will work out the analytics to give you an idea of how it would fit into your budget.

Reviews: Money Dashboard has a 3.6 rating on AppStore


Standing for You Need a Budget, this app is designed to help people get out of debt. You can connect all your accounts in one place, and it is free for the first 34 days, which gives you plenty of time to get used to the features and decide if it is the right choice for you.

It comes with useful tools such as the Debt Pay feature and the Goal Tracking feature, and like Money Dashboard, it produces detailed reports which help you better understand your finances.

Reviews: YNAB has a 4.8 rating on AppStore


The system this app offers is designed around the envelope budgeting method, which has been around for many years. The original method involves working out how much you can afford to spend on different outgoings, such as food shopping, entertainment and so on, and paying for everything in cash from the designated envelope.

Once the money is gone, you know you’ve reached your limit, so it can help avoid overspending. With the app, you use digital envelopes and receive digital reports. You can also share your plans with family and friends, and it can be synced across multiple devices. This app comes with a free to use or a paid plan.

Reviews: Goodbudget has a 4.7 rating on AppStore


This is a free to use app, in which you can connect all your accounts in one place. It has a great interface, and you can use it to avoid overdrafts and see your subscriptions. Emma is a fun budgeting app, with the awesome ‘Quest’ feature that runs as a gamer interface, so you can collect badges and icons for learning more about the app.

This app would be well suited to young adults, so if you’re looking for budgeting apps for a university age son or daughter, this could be a good choice.

Reviews: Emma has a 4.7 rating on AppStore
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This budgeting app is designed to appeal to the tech-savvy. It started in 2016 in Amsterdam. It is free on IOS and Android and allows you to view all your data (bank accounts, savings, pensions etc..) securely.

YOLT has cool features like a Smart balance which shows your overall balance and deducts money for things like bills and repayments on short term loans. YOLT also announced this year that they will be bringing out contactless payments, which is something exciting to look forward to.

Reviews: YOLT has a 4.4 rating on AppStore

These apps have some great specifications, it depends on what you are looking for and how you might best manage your money. If you feel like you just need a helping hand to save each month, Goodbudget might be useful to you, or if you want to take a more detailed ‘overhaul’ approach, YOLT might be the perfect choice. Which one will you choose?

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