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Things to Consider in Buying Your First DSLR Camera

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If you plan to upgrade your old point-and-shoot (P&S) camera to a digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR), you might be thinking of the best one to purchase. A DSLR camera may be more expensive and heavier than a P&S, but it has several benefits. It produces high-quality images and has built-in editing features to improve your photos further. It’s also durable, and its battery lasts longer. However, since it’s not a cheap investment, weigh your options carefully. Here are tips to help you with that. 


As mentioned, DSLR cameras are more expensive than their P&S counterparts, but they still come at different prices. Entry levels are the most affordable of the bunch, but their features may not be as rich as the mid-range and professional levels. But those added features also come with a heftier price. Set a budget, so you’ll know your options, then you can compare from there. It shortens the list to the ones you can afford, making it easier to decide. There are many brands and models out there, and it can be overwhelming to check all. So, eliminating the ones outside your budget is a good start. 

Image sensor

The image sensor is the most crucial part of the camera as it determines the quality of your image, and its different types include CCD and CMOS. A CCD sensor has lesser noise in low lighting, better light sensitivity, and more color depth. On the other hand, a CMOS sensor has lower power consumption and faster processing. Therefore, its image quality is close to CCD since it has dramatically improved. Moreover, there are different sensor sizes; the bigger it is, the better its quality. 


Although they may look the same at first glance, they may have different design features, like body size. For example, some cameras may be convenient for those with smaller hands but not for those with bigger hands. There are also cameras with rotating screens, making it easier to take a shot from various angles. Others also have a plastic casing, which is less sturdy than their metal counterparts. 

Video Recording

You may also use the DSLR camera for video recording. So, it’s worth checking the video quality, especially if you see yourself using this function. Some entry-level options offer non-HD, 720p, and full HD video recording. The latter has the best quality among the three. The frame rate also matters as cameras with higher frame rates capture moving images better. 


Lenses are available as separate purchases, and they can improve the quality of your photos tremendously. However, you might find a package that offers a DSLR camera and lenses together at a discounted price. If you are also planning to buy lenses and have the budget, consider checking those sold in bundles.  

Editing features

DSLR cameras have editing features that let you edit images without connecting the device to the computer. It includes cropping, adding filters, and adjusting exposures. 

Consider the essential features when buying your first DSLR camera, and enjoy taking fantastic photos.

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