19.08.2019 14:23

The freight market is waiting for the fate of the taxi market

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At the same time, statistics show that in Russia up to 25% of trucks are in the hands of private owners, and all of them are practically deprived of access to the freight transportation market and are used to working under contract with transport companies.

There is also a significant stratum of small transport companies that are experiencing a significant shortage of customers. 
Do not forget about the un fully loaded transport vehicles of trading and manufacturing companies.
 All these are potential participants in the freight transport market through Internet services similar to those working in the taxi market. According to experts, such potential participants are enough to occupy almost half of the transport market.
The freight market is much more complicated than the taxi market, but this should not be a big problem for the Internet business, which proves the short experience of the first online freight service. In the Moscow region, in terms of the number of trucks, it overtook all the largest companies in the industry and is now moving to other regions.

For comparison: about 8500 taxi drivers work with GetTaxi in Russia, and 1000 trucks already work with the online freight transportation service, although the system does not yet exist and the freight transportation market is much less saturated with road transport.
“Potentially, up to 80% of traffic will go through Internet systems,” says Vyacheslav Vasipenok, head of the QUASA platform. - And the market will grow, new investors will come who understand the new transparent system of work. Classic transport companies will also remain, but they will also receive part of orders through similar systems ... Such systems are beneficial for corporate customers, including such giants as Russian Post or Panasonic, which means that it is convenient and justified. "

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