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Test to Perfection: Why Quality Assurance Is So Crucial in Tech

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You’ve got the best idea for an app. You get it through the production stages and release it out for the world to use. A few days later, the reviews start pouring in and they aren’t as great as you thought they would be.

Apparently, the software is full of bugs that you didn’t notice before putting it on the app store. Between the many error messages and crashes, the app is pretty much unusable.

This is why quality assurance is so important. It’s there to catch all the bugs before release, so you don’t end up having to rework the entire project.

As you can imagine, this saves time, money, and frustration. Still not convinced? Check out this guide to learn more.

What is Quality Assurance?

Before we get into why you need quality assurance testing, let’s talk about what it is. It involves testing a product for bugs throughout the entire production process.

It doesn’t end with looking for bugs. It tests the quality of the product as a whole. If there’s something that isn’t right or inconsistent, you’ll know about it before you put it out there for the general public.

Can You Do This Process on Your Own?

If you don’t want to hire a company to handle things, the answer is yes. You could do this process on your own. That doesn’t mean that you should.

For one, your project is your baby. It’s hard for you to separate yourself from it to look at it with a constructive eye. Quality Logic and other companies will not only test for bugs but offer thorough suggestions to fix the issues.

They’ll come up with a great strategy to help your software succeed long after launch using testing scripts. Trust us, they’ll run plenty of tests before they hand the final product back to you.

It Saves Time and Money

Let’s say you create an app. You wait to test it until you’ve all but got it done. When you do, it’s got a million and one bugs that need to be hashed out.

You can’t put it in the play store in this condition. The longer it takes you to find bugs, the more expensive it’s going to be to fix them because you pretty much have to start over.

Since you have to start over, it’s going to be a while before you can start recouping the funds that you spent on the project. Having a QA strategy can save you all this hassle.

Software Quality Assurance Can Save Your Rep

Nobody wants to download a broken product. Each time the software crashes, that’s another dissatisfied customer who will probably never trust you or your products again.

You best believe these customers will write nasty reviews online. This negative feedback matters. Everyone does their own research before spending money on something.

Part of this research involves reading reviews. If they look you up and see tons of horrible comments, they’ll avoid you. Keep your reputation intact by coming up with a good quality assurance plan.

You Don’t Want to Give Business to Your Competitors

Going off our last point, if you have a ton of bad reviews, but one of your competitors has good ones, guess who the customer is going to go with? Your competitor.

An excellent QA company can help you avoid handing your clients over to companies like yours. They stick by you and fix bugs long after the software is on the market. This helps you keep up a consistent competitive product that people will eat up.

It’s a Safety Thing

When someone buys a piece of software or an app from the app store, they put their payment information out there on the internet. Where there are bugs, there are weaknesses in your security system.

Hackers will take advantage of this and steal your customer’s confidential info. Software quality assurance tests for security holes. Your QA team will make sure there are safeguards to protect clients.

You’ll Rake in Long-Term Profits

If you produce software and apps that people enjoy, they’ll continue to buy things from you in the future. So, hiring a QA company might be expensive, but you’ll get the money back and then some with your long-term profits.

It Adds a Fresh Set of Eyes to the Product

Again, when you come up with a killer project idea, it becomes your baby. It’s hard for you to separate yourself from it to look at it with a constructive eye. That’s what your QA team is for.

They’ll take a look at the product as a whole. If they spot something that’s not working, they’ll tell you about it. They may give you fresh ideas that you never even considered before.

It won’t feel like it at the time, but this advice will be crucial to your software’s overall success.

Don’t Release Your Software without Testing it First

You should never release a piece of software without investing in proper quality assurance first. If you do, you’ll lose time and money in the end.

People who download your faulty software put their own payment information on the line. If something goes wrong, you can best believe that they won’t leave you a stellar review. Keep your reputation intact by going through with the right checks and balances.

Are you looking for more ways to make sure your tech is top-notch? Check out the Technology section of our blog today to get started on your product strategy.

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