19.04.2021 23:31

Quasa International GmbH will conduct crypto-crowdfunding of the AIO on the Kickico website. The fundraising start date is May 17!

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The QUASA team prefers a more advanced form of crowdfunding, which is designed to protect the investor's assets - AIO, that is, fundraising through an auction.

We are confident that the future belongs to AIO, which offers a civilized and safe approach to attracting investments.

For one-day projects that for some reason still exist on the market, ICO is much more profitable. Less control, less guarantees, and most importantly, quick profits. For serious projects that have long been on the market, AIO is ideal.

Therefore, we have chosen exactly this form of attracting investors' funds.

AIO is a type of crypto crowdfunding based on fair prices.

This means auction based initial offering. In this type of crowdfunding, there is a baker who makes bets and supports the project.

The more bakers place bids, the higher the price of the project token at the end of the crowdfunding. That is, the project can no longer independently put forward the price of its token.

The cost of the token will depend on the interest of people. The main advantage is that the higher the interest in the project, the higher the price of the token.

In addition, the main difference is that bakers receive a number of tokens equal to the amount of investment.

An important nuance! Bakers don't know exactly how many tokens they will receive, as the price changes during crowdfunding depending on interest in the project.

About the choice of projects by investors

AIO will allow the QUASA project to establish itself as a reliable business with investments that will last for many years. We have gone through KYC / AML procedures.

It's a plus for our QUASA project and for KYC sponsors.

Because we received a high-quality examination of our project, including all the documentation for investors.

And for bakers this is a plus, because the investor sees the jurisdiction of the company, all documents about the company, and not just the usual description and White Paper.

If we talk about the fundraising process itself, then there are significant differences. During the ICO, the project issues a certain number of tokens at a fixed price and attracts funds from investors through their sale. No need for a dedicated ICO platform. Your site is enough. Hence, there are many scams and problems.

In the case of AIO, the value of the token rises as interest in the project increases. To conduct an AIO, you need a specialized platform that will act as an intermediary between the startup and the investor and regulate the fundraising process.

About choosing a platform for crowdfunding

Choosing a crowdfunding platform is as difficult as choosing an exchange to list a coin. Therefore, the rules for choosing a site are approximately the same.

We studied the stories of different platforms and looked at how much funds were raised by other projects, and also looked at what stage these projects are now at.

The team also analyzed the following criteria for choosing a crowdfunding platform:

  • The number of projects that are currently listed;
  • The size of the commission;
  • Audience on the platform and its activity;
  • Date of creation of the platform;
  • Criteria for project adaptation.

Truly efficient and responsible crowdfunding platforms will always insist on going through KYC and submitting registration documents to eliminate the risk of fraud.

On prohibitions and barriers for projects

Certain prohibitions and barriers are designed to weed out fraudulent projects. Naturally, fraudulent startups are unlikely to want to go through KYC or fill out registration documents. But for serious and promising projects such as QUASA, this is not a problem at all.

After analyzing, comparing and weighing all the arguments, QUASA announces the AIO date on the reputable fundraising platform Kickico.

You can find full details on the Kickico website, join

here: https://kickico.com/campaign/159/overview

Your QUASA team