07.10.2021 17:11

Quasa International GmbH auction successfully completed!

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Dear QUASA AIO participants!

Crypto auction on the KickICO platform has been successfully completed!
The project was supported by 42 participants.
$ 10 144.33 6777 Raised
$ 0.0010144337 Current Quasacoin Price

quasa teamThanks to everyone who supported QUASA, believed in us and participated in the first and second rounds of the AIO.
Your support is very important to all of us!
It is for you that we are developing the first open blockchain platform for connecting people QUASA.

We express our special gratitude to the KickICO / Kickex team for their professional work and for providing QUASA with the opportunity to become the first project on your platform!
Thanks to you, we got such a result!

And also to everyone who just learned about QUASA and visited the site https://quasa.io/

There are many events ahead and the launch of the first mobile blockchain application Quasa Connect, the placement of Quasacoin on exchanges and the expansion of the Quasa Chain blockchain and the QUASA ecosystem!

Stay with us!
Thanks everyone!