29.10.2020 16:50


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Dear QUASA member,

the last couple of months have been accompanied by outstanding developments within our company. Networks have been strengthened and additional partners have joined our way to bring blockchain to institutional investors. 

We have got great news for you. QUASA and CoinPedia signed a strategic partnership to foster synergies and to combine the innovational power of both companies. 

Read interesting and unique articles from CoinPedia members and partners about our people-centered digital future.

See Quasa Profile on CoinPedia.

Coinpedia is a trusted cryptocurrency, event and information service agency for the blockchain technology and the overall digital assets. Moreover, this is an entirely independent platform that covers blockchain, cryptocurrency, decentralized applications. And much other crypto information from the next generation web.

CoinPedia is a news & information site with 52 domain rank, we are growing at a rapid rate with major users from U.K, U.S, India, China  &  15 other countries.

Coinpedia is the fastest growing news-information site for Cryptocurrency, blockchain and fintech. We are a Google News approved publication, our articles including sponsored ones appear in Google News. 
Coinpedia offers the opportunity to promote your brand with daily readers and highly engaged Crypto and blockchain professionals.

One Blockchain platform to Grow from Beginner to Expert and Improve Your Trading Results.

CoinPedia Pro Account, the World's first Blockchain Professionals Network is a Free Tool to help you become a Pro in Fintech and Blockchain Industry.

  1.  Price Intelligence Reports and Insights from Crypto Experts.
  2.  Learn free Fintech and Blockchain courses.
  3.  Get access to experts prediction for coin prices.
  4.  Win Upto $50 daily on predict and win contest.

We are looking forward to see our partners grow and expand with our help.

Thanks, see you soon!

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