10.06.2024 15:30

Improving Your Blog Content: How to Make Searchable and Shareable Titles

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As more information becomes accessible to the public at large, the need for web searchers to be able to quickly scan the internet and find what they are looking for increases.

When it comes to blogs, this is achieved by glancing at the title and quickly assessing whether it is either interesting or has useful information. Should neither of those things is the case then the person moves on.

The entire process takes a fraction of a second, which is the entirety of the window you have to get someone to convince someone to read your blog.

If you are having trouble getting traffic on to your site and getting those that do reading your blog content then here are a couple of tips to help.

Add Your Keywords to Your Title

The classic mistake when it comes to creating a blog’s title is to think of only one audience. The truth is that blogs and blog titles have two different audiences. The first is the person who is actually doing the reading and the second is the search engine that will help them find the blog article.

In order to get those search engines to clearly see the blog and include it in searches, use the keywords you are focusing on in the blog. When your blog is more prominent on search results, more people (as well as the right people) will find it.

Honestly and Accurately Detail the Blog Content 

When you are coming up with the title, make sure that it accurately reflects the content of the article.

While trying to trick the reader with a sexy, unrelated title is less and less common these days thanks to Google, it is still common to see titles that are related to the content but don’t necessarily communicate the real intent of the article.

This leads to confusion and immediate disinterest in the article. An accurate, compelling title will encourage the reader to reblog the article once they have finished reading it.

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